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Momentum troubleshooting and tips

This guide explains questions and issues that may come up when using the Supply template.

Tip: For general help, see the Momentum template guide.

Gallery navigation arrows disappear after the first slide on mobile devices

This is an intentional part of Momentum's mobile design. Momentum's gallery is designed for swipe navigation. The first arrow in a Gallery slideshow is there to encourage visitors to swipe to the next image. After that, they can swipe to continue through the gallery.

Can I mix full-bleed and centered Gallery Pages?

To help you maintain a consistent style across your galleries, the Gallery Style tweak in the Gallery Styles section of Site Styles applies to all Gallery Pages on your site. If you switch between options, all Gallery Pages will have the same design.

As an alternative, use a Layout Page with a Gallery Block.

Background image isn't fixed on mobile

Many mobile browsers, including iOS, don't support fixed background images. To achieve a similar effect, experiment with the Size: Cover and Size: Contain background image style options. Note that background image style settings apply to both mobile and desktop.

For more help, visit our responsive design troubleshooting tips.

When logged in, highlights are purple

When you're editing your site, highlighted content is purple (in other templates it's blue). This doesn't affect your live site.


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Momentum troubleshooting and tips