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Using Stack Gallery Blocks

The Stack Gallery Block is one of four Gallery Block designs. It adds a gallery of images and videos to a page or blog post in a single column with one pixel of space between items. Images and videos span the full width of the block.

This is a great option if you want visitors to scroll up and down your gallery. It's also a time-saving alternative to adding multiple Image Blocks on top of each other.

Unlike other Gallery Blocks, the Stack Block doesn’t have options to customize aspect ratios or add navigation controls. The Stack Block is more fixed in its layout.

Step 1 - Add the Stack Gallery Block

  1. Open a page or post editor.
  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  3. Under Gallery, select Stack from the menu.
  4. For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks.

Step 2 - Add images and video

You can upload images, add stock images, embed videos, and display content from an existing Gallery Page in the Content tab.

To learn more, visit Gallery Blocks overview.

Step 3 - Show or hide titles and descriptions

You can add titles and/or descriptions to display below each image. Each image title acts as alt text, which is helpful for SEO.

To display titles and descriptions:

  1. Add titles and descriptions to each image. To learn more, visit Gallery Blocks overview.
  2. Click the Design tab in Block Editor.
  3. Ensure Show Title and Description is checked. 

To hide titles and descriptions:

  1. Click the Design tab in the Block Editor.
  2. Uncheck Show Title and Description


Tip: For more caption style options, you can use individual Stack Image Blocks.

Step 4 - Add clickthrough URLs (optional)

You can link images to external pages, internal content, or files by adding clickthrough URLs. This is a great way to use the gallery to encourage clicks to other content, like client projects, products, files, or blog posts. Clickthrough URLs work with images, but they don’t work with videos.

To learn more, visit Gallery Blocks overview.

Step 5 - Save

When you’re done adding content and designing the Stack Block, click Apply.

Step 6 - Change the gallery design

You can switch the design to a different block in the Design tab of the Block Editor. To learn more, visit Gallery Blocks overview.


Here's an example of a Stack Gallery Block:



Stack Gallery Blocks display the same way on mobile.


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Using Stack Gallery Blocks