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Creating a private page

If you have client material, sensitive information, or other content you'd like to keep private, you can use these methods to restrict access.

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Set a page password

Setting a page password hides content behind a lock screen and prevents anyone without the password from viewing it. Page passwords also prevent your content from being indexed by search engines. For detailed instructions, visit Using a page password.

Customize the lock screen

You can customize the lock screen to match it to your site's aesthetic. This is a great option if you share protected content with clients and want to extend your brand experience. To learn more, visit Designing a lock screen.

Move pages to Not Linked

You can keep pages out of your navigation menu by adding them to the Not Linked section. Not Linked pages are accessible via direct URL and not password-protected. By adding a page to your Not Linked section and adding a password, you can make it available to clients but prevent regular visitors from finding it. To learn more, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

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