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Adding Squarespace tabs to Facebook

You can add Squarespace tabs to any Facebook page connected to your Squarespace account. These tabs can display content from a Regular Page or Gallery Page.

Facebook tabs display content from the main content areas of Regular Pages or Gallery Pages. Banner, header, or footer content won't appear.

Before you begin

Ensure that you've already connected a Facebook page to your Squarespace site. To learn more, visit Using Facebook with Squarespace.

Step 1 - Go to Facebook Page Settings

In the Home Menu, click Marketing, and then click Facebook Page.


Step 2 - Choose a connected Facebook page

Choose a page from the Linked Facebook Page drop-down menu.

Step 3 - Install the tab

You can install one Gallery and one basic Page for your Facebook tabs. It isn't possible to add multiple Galleries or Pages.

Click Install Tab for your Gallery, Page, or both..

Select the preferred page from the drop-down menu under Squarespace Gallery Tab.

Edit the tab title (optional).

The Squarespace Gallery now appears on your Facebook page sidebar.


To install a Squarespace Page Tab, click Install Tab and repeat the process.

Note: You can only have tabs on one Facebook page at a time. If you change the Linked Facebook Page, the tabs will uninstall.

Step 4 - Manage tabs

To add Squarespace tabs to your Facebook page menu, log into your Facebook page, click Settings.


Click Edit Page, and scroll to the Tabs section. You can drag and drop your tabs to rearrange them.


Step 5 - Customize the tab image

The Squarespace logo is the default image for Squarespace tabs on Facebook. You can change the image by logging into Facebook and editing the page.

Formatting tips:

  • Upload a .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  • The dimensions must be 111px × 74px.
  • The size must be 1 MB or smaller.

On your Facebook page, click Settings next to your Squarespace tab, and then click Edit Settings.


In the Edit Squarespace Page Settings window, next to Custom Tab Image, click Change.

Hover over the image and click Edit. In the Upload Page Tab Image window, click Choose File and select the correct file. Your Squarespace tab will now display the new image.

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Adding Squarespace tabs to Facebook