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Hiding a page from search engine results

You can prevent Google (and other search engines) from indexing a page on your site by setting a password or adding a code snippet.

Note: The page may still appear in search results, even after following these steps to hide it. In this case, you'll need to request a reindex by verifying your site with Google Search Console.

Use a password for private pages

Setting a site-wide password prevents your entire site from being indexed. This is a great option if your site is for internal use or still under construction. To set this up, visit Using a site-wide password.

You can also block individual pages using a page password. Placing pages behind a password is useful for pages only clients or internal contributors should access. For instructions, visit Using a page password.

Note: If search engines indexed your site prior to adding a password, your site will appear in search results until it's indexed again.

Use "noindex" tags for public pages you want to hide from search engines

To hide your entire site or specific pages from search engines without hiding them behind passwords, add a “noindex” tag to Code Injection sites.

Hide your entire site

To prevent search engines from indexing your site without hiding it behind a password, add the following code snippet to Header code injection.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Hide specific pages

To prevent search engines from indexing a specific page without hiding it behind a password, add the following code snippet to the Page Header Code Injection in Page settings.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
Note: Adding or modifying code on your site is an advanced modification. We highly recommend that you have coding knowledge to use Code Injection. While we can't offer more help on this topic, there are many resources available that can point you in the right direction:

Not Linked pages still appear in search results

The Not Linked section is designed to contain pages that don't need to be featured in your navigation menus, but it doesn’t hide them from search engines. To keep pages in your Not Linked section out of search results, use one of the above methods.

To learn more about Not Linked pages, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

Pages within Index Pages

Available in some templates, an Index Page collects multiple sub-pages and arranges their content in an elegant landing page.

To completely hide the content of an Index Page from search engines, you must password protect the Index Page itself, and password protect all the sub-pages within the Index.

Note: Stacked Index Pages don't support individual page passwords. Setting a password for the Index Page protects all its sub-pages.


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Hiding a page from search engine results