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Using tags and categories in a gallery

Add tags and categories to Gallery Page images to organize your content and help visitors find similar images.

These steps also apply to Project Pages in the York template family.

Formatting tips:

  • Tags must be 80 characters or fewer.
  • Categories must be 25 characters or fewer.
  • Tags and categories are case-sensitive. For example, entering Apples, apples, and APPLES creates three tags or categories.

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Step 1 - Open the Gallery Page

In the Home Menu, click Pages, then select a Gallery from your navigation. 

Step 2 - Open image settings

Hover over an image and click the


Step 3 - Add tags and categories

Click Tags + to add tags, or click Categories + to add categories to your image.


Step 4 - Manage tags and categories

You can bulk-edit tags and categories in the Advanced tab of Gallery Settings. For example, if you want to rename a category from Fall Landscapes to Autumn Landscapes, you can bulk-edit the entire category so you don't have to go into every image and rename the category manually.

Click the to open Gallery Settings.


Click Advanced. You can remove or rename your tags and categories here.


Learn more

For more details on managing tags and categories, visit our general tags and categories guide.

Visit these guides for more options for displaying tags and categories:

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Using tags and categories in a gallery