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Creating a pull quote by wrapping text

You can create pull quotes in Squarespace by dragging Text Blocks into other Text Blocks. You may refer to this action as wrapping text around text or floating Text Blocks.

A pull quote is a quotation or excerpt from a page that stands apart from the rest of the content. They can break up long pieces of text and can make a page more visually interesting. when set at a different size or font.

A pull quote works differently than the blockquote option in a Text Block or a Quote Block. Text formatted as a blockquote or added to a Quote Block has its own formatting. Pull quotes, however, can be formatted in any way you can format a Text Block.

You might use pull quotes to share:

  • The most important information from a business document
  • The best quotes from an interview
  • Customer testimonials for a product

To learn how to wrap text around other blocks, like images and galleries, visit Moving blocks.

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Add and format the text

The first step is adding text for the pull quote:

  1. Create a new Text Block and add the text you'll use for the pull quote. Ensure the pull quote is in its own Text Block and not part of another.
  2. Highlight the text, then select a format from the drop-down menu. If the rest of your page is set to Medium Paragraph or Normal, we recommend selecting a Heading format to help it stand out.

If you use a Heading format, ensure your pull quote includes content important to the page, like keywords, as it can impact your SEO


Place the pull quote

Next, we'll drag and drop the Text Block into place.

  1. Hover over the edge of the block until your cursor becomes a hand icon.
  2. Click and drag the block to move it around the page.
  3. As you drag the block, the guideline will appear as a gray box to show where the block will appear in the text. Drop it in the position you prefer. Learn more about moving blocks in our guide.
Tip: If your Text Blocks have merged, add a Spacer Block to separate them. You can delete it afterward.


The pull quote will look like this:


Tip: If you have multiple pull quotes, we recommend using the same format option for each to keep the look consistent.

Style the pull quote

You might want to give the pull quote a different font color or style to help it stand out. You can do this in the Design panel.

  1. While on the page you're editing, return to the Home Menu.
  2. Click Design, then click Fonts to make font changes.
  3. Click Save, then return to the Design panel.
  4. Click Colors to make color changes.
  5. Click Save.
  1. While on the page you're editing, return to the Home Menu.
  2. Click Design, then click Site Styles.
  3. Use the style tweaks in the Site Styles panel to style the text for that quote. For example, if you formatted the quote as Heading 3 text, change the Heading 3 tweak.
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Creating a pull quote by wrapping text