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Using Vimeo with Squarespace

You can link to your Vimeo account with a social icon and share Vimeo videos on your Squarespace site. 

Note: If you don't have a Vimeo account, sign up here.

Display a Vimeo social icon

To add a social icon:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Social Links.  
  3. Add your Vimeo profile link. 
  4. Check Show Social Icon
  5. Click Save

For more detailed steps, visit Adding social links.

After linking to Vimeo, the social icon will automatically display in most templates, but not all of them. You can also add social icons using the Social Links Block

Add a Vimeo video

You can display Vimeo videos in Gallery Pages, Gallery Blocks, and in a Video Block on Layout Pages and blog posts. This is a great way to embed your videos on your site without using third-party widgets. For more information, visit Adding videos to your Squarespace site.

With a Vimeo Plus plan or higher, you can also add background videos. These are looping visual backgrounds without sound, with customizable filters and overlay effects.

  • Vimeo's fullscreen button stays hidden while you're logged into your Squarespace site. To test the fullscreen version of your video, log out or open your site in a private or incognito window
  • Vimeo's player bar displays in the background if you have a Vimeo Basic account. Upgrade to Vimeo Plus or Pro to remove the player bar from your videos. 
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Using Vimeo with Squarespace