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Searching and adding Getty Images

This guide walks you through how to search, preview, and license images from Getty Images for your site.

Step 1 - Open an image uploader

You can search and add images from Getty Images in most places where images are supported on your site, including:

  • Image Blocks
  • Gallery Blocks
  • Gallery Pages
  • Page Thumbnail Images
  • Cover Pages that support imagery
  • Mobile Fallback Images for background videos
  • Banner or background images in the Style Editor
Note: Getty Images aren't available for site logos, favicons, or Social Sharing Logos.

Image Blocks

Click Getty Images in the image uploader.

Gallery Blocks

Click the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the Gallery Block editor.

Click Getty.

Gallery Pages

Click the + icon in the Gallery Page panel.

Click Getty.

Page thumbnail/banner images

Click the image uploader.

Select Getty Images.

Cover Pages

Click the + icon in the Imagery panel.

Click Getty.

Banner or background images

Click the image icon in the style editor. 

Click Getty Images in the style options window that opens.

Step 2 - Find an image

The Getty Images search page will open. Enter a search term, and press Enter. You can use filters to focus your search.

Filters can only be used with a search term. If the search term is removed from the search box, no filter adjustments will apply to the images until a new search term is entered. 

Note: To add a Getty Image that you've already licensed, skip to the bottom of Step 4.

Select one item at a time for Sort By and Image Family. All other sections support filtering by multiple criteria.

  • Sort By - Best Match, Most Popular, Newest
  • Image Family - Creative, Editorial
  • Age - Newborn, Baby, Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Senior Adult
  • Number of People - None, One, Two, Group
  • People Composition - Headshot, Waist Up, Full Length, Close Up, Looking At Camera, Candid
  • Image Type - Fine Art, Illustration, Photography
  • Image Style - Abstract, Portrait, Still Life, Copy Space, Close up, Minimal, Wallpaper, Plain Background
  • Orientations - Horizontal, Vertical, Square, Panoramic Horizontal, Panoramic Vertical
Note:  If you see an image that feels out of place, it's because it has a relevant tag in Getty's system. In some cases, tags don't align perfectly with image content.

You can disable all current filters by clicking Reset at the bottom of the panel.

Browse through the search results. When you find an image you like, click the image, then click Preview on site.

Step 3 - Preview the image

A watermarked low-resolution preview version of the image will display. From here, you can test how the image looks in the context of your content and design.

When previewing an image, you can't edit it or remove the watermark. To remove the watermark, license the image by following the next step.

Note: During the preview, you can add text, like a title and description, to an Image Block. These changes won't be saved when you exit the preview, even if you license the image.

Step 4 - License the image

When you're ready to license the image, depending on the content area, you can return to the image uploader and click License.

Or hover over the image and click the shopping cart icon.

A confirmation message will appear stating the amount charged and the last four digits of the credit card on file. Verify this information and click License.

You've successfully licensed the high-resolution image from Getty Images. You can edit the image within the Squarespace platform, adjust its settings, and reuse it across your site.

If you still see the watermark after licensing the image, save all changes and then refresh the page.

Note: If you keep a watermarked image on your site without licensing it, your live site will have a banner stating "This page is using preview images from Getty Images. Please purchase them to remove the banner." Visitors will see this banner on all pages of your site. After a period of time, you may receive a takedown notice and/or the image may be automatically taken down.

Step 5 - Edit the image (optional)

After purchasing your image, you can edit it with the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor.

Double-click on the image, and then click Edit.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor will open. Learn more at Editing images with the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor.

Note: To download your image for editing with your own software like Photoshop, you'll need to purchase additional licensing through Getty Images. Click on the Getty Images link at any image uploader, click Library, then select the Licensing link. Additional licensing may not be available for all images.
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Searching and adding Getty Images