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Editing images for your site

To get the perfect look for your site, you may want to make changes to your images such as cropping, changing the lighting balance, and adding color effects.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor is a built-in editor for images you've added to your site. The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor is good for quick fixes such as rotating, cropping, making an image black-and-white, and adding borders.

If the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor doesn't provide the options you're looking for, we recommend adjusting the image with third-party software before adding it to your site. This guide lists some available options. 

Before you begin

Third-party image editors

To edit images for your site beyond the capabilities of the built-in Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor, you'll need to use third-party software. A Google search will turn up a variety of programs. Here are a few applications you can use:

Software (desktop editors)

Web (online editors)

  • PicMonkey (paid and offers many options)
  • Aviary (free and wide range of options)
  • Pixlr (free and supports some mobile editing options)
  • PhotoshopExpress (free but registration required)

Mobile devices


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