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Can I link more than one custom domain to my site?

Yes. You can use multiple custom domains for your site, and there's no limit to how many you can register with us or connect if you registered the domain elsewhere.

However, you'll need to pick one to serve as your primary domain. All other domains will automatically redirect to the primary domain. This means that the primary domain will always appear in the browser address bar no matter which domain a visitor used.

For example, if you have two domains:

  1. (Primary)

When a visitor types "" into their browser, your site will open, and "" will display in the address bar.

This practice avoids multiple domains from hurting your SEO (your standing in search engine results).

Note: It isn't possible to set a domain or subdomain to lead to a specific page. All domains associated with your site will point to your homepage and lead to your primary domain. To have different domains point to different pages, you'll need to associate them with different sites.

To get started, register a new domain with Squarespace or connect third-party domains you purchased elsewhere. Then set a primary domain.

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Can I link more than one custom domain to my site?