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Checkout settings

In Checkout settings, you can manage your store policies, require additional information, and customize your checkout experience.

Open Checkout Settings

In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Checkout.

Available settings

Here's what you can customize in Checkout settings.

  • Checkout includes gift card and promo code fields if you have active gift cards or active, scheduled, or inactive discounts. To remove the fields, delete any active gift cards or active, scheduled, or inactive discounts.
  • The Tax and Shipping fields always display at checkout, even for products with no shipping or tax cost.


Description and next steps

Abandoned cart recovery

Enable abandoned cart recovery to send emails to customers who don't complete their order. After checking this setting, you can customize the email.

Abandoned cart recovery is available in the Commerce Advanced plan.

Additional Fields

Click Additional Fields to enable options for collecting phone numbers and to set up custom checkout forms.

Checkout on your domain

Direct customers ready to check out to a custom, secure checkout page on your domain, rather than the default URL. To learn more, visit Checkout on your domain.

Checkout on your domain is available in the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans.
Checkout Page: Store Policies

Click Checkout Page: Store Policies to add and format these policies:

  • Return Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

After filling in these fields, your checkout page will have links that open these policies in a pop-up window.

For tips on what to include in your Privacy Policy, visit Sample messages for your Privacy Policy.

Collect email subscribers

After you check the box beside Allow customers to sign up for your marketing emails during checkout, customers can subscribe to your mailing list during checkout. 

You can connect to Squarespace Email Campaigns or Mailchimp.

To learn more, visit Adding a newsletter subscribe option to checkout.

Continue Shopping Link in Cart

Choose the page you'd like visitors to return to when they click Continue Shopping on the empty shopping cart page. To learn more, visit Customizing your checkout experience

Default Country in Address Fields 

Set a country to be pre-selected for billing and shipping address fields. You must have at least one shipping rule for the country you choose, or else the United States will be the default.

Express checkout


Enable express checkout to direct customers to a checkout page after clicking one product instead of adding items to a shopping cart.

If this is enabled, products will have Purchase buttons instead of Add to Cart buttons, and customers can't add multiple items to their shopping cart.


Click Invoices to customize the information that appears in your order invoices. Visit our guide on VAT and GST for more for help with editing your invoice details

Minimum order amount

Set a minimum order amount for the checkout subtotal. Shoppers can't place an order until they meet the minimum.

Next Order Number

Change the automatically-assigned order number, starting with your next order.

This can be helpful if you're transitioning from another Commerce platform or if you want to look like you've placed more orders than you actually have.

The Next Order Number must be higher than your most recent order's number.

Service product limits


Check Let customers buy multiple service products to make it possible to check out with multiple service products, and for service products to display limited availability labels after you've enabled them.

Shipping and Billing Address

Automatically check Use Shipping Address at the Payment information step of checkout. When it's enabled, customers can still uncheck this option and enter a different billing address.

Shopping Cart Style Check Light Color Scheme to make the shopping cart stand out on a site with a dark background. This only affects the shopping cart icon on templates using the Classic store page style.
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