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Checkout settings

You can manage your store policies, require additional information, and customize your checkout experience in Checkout settings.

Open Checkout Settings

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Checkout.

Checkout on Your Domain

Note: Checkout on Your Domain is available for the Advanced Commerce plan.

Checkout on Your Domain is automatically enabled if certain requirements are met. This lets customers checkout using your custom domain, rather than the default URL.

Note: Checkout on all plans is protected by SSL and is PCI compliant. If you're on a plan that doesn't include Checkout on Your Domain, your checkout is secure.


Abandoned Cart Recovery

Note: Abandoned Cart Recovery is available for the Advanced Commerce plan.

Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery to send emails to customers who don't complete their order. After checking this setting, the next step is to customize the email.



You can connect checkout to MailChimp to encourage customers to join your mailing list for updates and offers. After connecting with MailChimp, the checkout page will have a Subscribe to our email list option.

To opt customers into your mailing list by default, check Enable mailing list opt-in by default. You can leave this unchecked to comply with anti-spam legislation.

To learn more, visit Adding a newsletter subscribe option to checkout.

Note: Once a customer decides to opt in to your mailing list, they'll receive an email from MailChimp to confirm. If they don't confirm, the customer won't be included in the list.

Default country in address fields

Set a country to be pre-selected for billing and shipping address fields.

Shipping and billing address

Set the "Use Shipping Address" option to be enabled by default.

Express Checkout

Enable Express Checkout to direct customers to a checkout page after clicking one product instead of adding items to a shopping cart.

If this is enabled, products will have Purchase buttons instead of Add to Cart buttons.  If this option is enabled, customers won't be able to add multiple items to the shopping cart.

We recommend enabling this setting only if you have one product in your store.

Shopping Cart Style

If your site has a dark background, you may prefer to check Light Color Scheme to make the shopping cart stand out.

Next Order Number

Every order is assigned a number. You can change this number starting with your next order. You may want to change your next order number if you're coming off of another Commerce platform or if you want to look like you've placed more orders than you actually have.

Additional Fields

Click Additional Fields to enable options for collecting additional information at checkout. 

Note: We only recommend requiring information essential for your business. Collecting additional information in checkout may negatively affect conversion.

Phone numbers

Collect phone numbers with billing or shipping addresses. Shipping and billing address phone numbers can be a required field.

Checkout Page: Custom Form

Add a custom form to collect special instructions and notes from customers before they check out.

Checkout Page: Store Policies

Click Checkout Page: Store Policies.

Add and format these policies:

  • Return Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

After filling in these boxes, your checkout page will have links that open these policies in a pop-up window.



Click Invoices to customize the information that appears in your order invoices.

In the Price and Tax Details panel, you can enable the following options:

  • Show Pre-Tax Price with Item Price - Displays pre- and post-tax prices for each item.
  • Show Tax for Each Item - Displays tax rate and amount charged for each item.
  • Show Pre-Tax Order Total - Displays sum of item and shipping totals before tax (Net Total).
  • Show a Tax Breakdown Table - Displays a table below the Order Summary of tax rates and amounts charged.

Visit our guide on VAT and GST for more for help with editing your invoice details.


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Checkout settings