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Adding complex product variants

We recently updated the product editor to simplify the process of creating product variants. This guide covers adding complex product variants using the classic editor, which involves more steps than the new editor. If your site uses the new product editor, follow the steps in Adding product variants instead. You can switch to the new editor at any time.

To add multiple drop-down menus for a product (for example, Size and Color) add multiple variants. When you create multiple variants, they appear in separate drop-down menus on a product's page. In the product editor, they appear in multiple rows so you can manage pricing and stock levels for each option. When setting this up, you'll add a new row in the product editor for every possible combination of options.

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Before you begin

  • To follow this guide, you'll need a product with one Product Option and several variants. For help setting this up, visit Adding products to your store and Adding basic product variants.
  • We recommend only using Quantity variants for products with unlimited inventory. If you create a Quantity variant option, stock won't update accordingly.
  • For help adding complex variants and expanding your online store, hire a Squarespace Expert.


  • Product Option (Options) - Product options appear in columns. These are general categories like size, color, design, or material.
  • Variants - Variants appear in rows. These are the available choices within a Product Option. For example, color is a product option. Red, blue, green, and yellow are variants within that product option.
  • Combinations - Combinations are sets of available variants. For example, a product with options for size and color might have combinations like Small - Blue, Medium - Blue, Large - Blue, Small - Red, Medium - Red, etc.

Step 1 - Open the product

In the Home menu, click Pages. Click a store page. Double-click a product to open the product editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Step 2 - Add product options in the classic editor

Note: We recently updated the product editor, so the steps in this guide might not match what you see on your site. You can switch to the new product editor at any time, or follow the steps in Using the classic product editor if you aren’t ready to switch.

In the product editor, click the Pricing & Variants tab.


For this example, we'll add both size and color options to our product. The Size option includes two variants, Small and Medium.

Note: The nature and number of options and variants you add to a product are unique to your store. This guide offers general steps that can be adapted as needed.


Click the icon to add a new Product Option. Enter a title and click Save Option.


Add variants for the Product Option. Options are case-sensitive, so the options Red and red will display separately in a variant drop-down menu. Ensure there are no extra spaces after the option, as this can cause an option to display twice in the variant drop-down menu.


Step 3 - Create variant combinations

Each row of variants is a possible combination. In our example, two combinations are available:

  • Small Red
  • Medium Blue

To make all options available for sale, we'll need to create rows for every combination. For this product, we'll need to create four rows for all possible combinations:

  • Small - Red
  • Small - Blue
  • Medium - Red
  • Medium - Blue

Click the icon to add variant rows to create all possible combinations.


Note: You can click and drag rows to group combinations, but product option columns can't be rearranged.

Here’s a preview of how this product will look in your store. The actual layout depends on your template and design options. It's not possible to change the font that displays in the variant drop-down menu:

Unavailable combinations

If a customer chooses a combination of variants that hasn't been created, they'll see an "Unavailable" message with a warning that the item can't be added.

In the above example, the customer tried to choose both "Large" and "Blue." Large and Blue exist as variants, but the Pricing & Variants tab doesn't have a combination for Large and Blue. We'll need to create a new row to make this combination available to customers.

For this reason, we recommend carefully checking the Pricing & Variants tab in the product editor to ensure that all possible options are available.

Note: Variants and combinations can't be hidden when out of stock. For example, it isn't possible to hide Blue when Large is clicked.

Set different images, pricing, and stock for variants 

Add variant-specific images, pricing, and stock levels for each variant or combination.

Alternative - Create single-variant combinations

As an alternative to the steps above, you can create variant combinations in one Product Option column. This creates one drop-down menu for your customers. You might want to choose this option to reduce the number of clicks required to shop in your store. However, if you have a lot of product options, you might not want to use this method because it can make the drop-down menu long.

Create a Product Option like Size / Color and then create variants for each combination.


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Adding complex product variants