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Using a fulfillment service through ShipStation

A fulfillment service is a third-party company that packages and ships orders for you. While we don't directly integrate with fulfillment services, you can use Shipwire, Printful, and Amazon FBA Fulfillment through our integration with ShipStation.

To use a fulfillment service for orders placed in your Squarespace store, connect with ShipStation, and then connect your ShipStation account to a fulfillment service.

These third-party fulfillment services fall outside of the scope of Squarespace support as they're set up directly through ShipStation. For help, please contact ShipStation or the fulfillment service.

Tip: If you're interested in order fulfillment and inventory integrations, learn about the Order API beta.

Should I use a fulfillment service?

Using a fulfillment service depends on your store's operations. A fulfillment service is a great option for ecommerce stores that have outgrown mailing their own orders and want to outsource processing and shipping.

For smaller stores, using ShipStation just for printing mailing labels can save time, but taking the extra steps to connect to a fulfillment service might be unnecessary.

Connect to Shipstation and set up fulfillment services

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Shipping. Follow our instructions in Connecting Squarespace to ShipStation, including importing existing orders.
  2. Follow ShipStation's instructions for connecting Shipwire, Printful, or Amazon FBA in your Shipstation account.

For help, visit ShipStation's documentation:

The fulfillment service processes your orders

When your store receives a new order, the fulfillment service will automatically process and ship it. When the fulfillment status changes to Shipped in ShipStation, the order will automatically change to Fulfilled in Squarespace.

At this point, Squarespace will send the "Order Fulfilled" email to the customer. The email includes a tracking number if provided by the fulfillment service.

What happens after cancelling an order in Squarespace

When you cancel an order in Squarespace, the order will also be cancelled in your ShipStation account. ShipStation will attempt to notify your fulfillment provider to cancel the fulfillment. However, the ability to successfully cancel shipping through the fulfillment service depends on how soon that fulfillment service processes it.

It's like placing an order on Amazon: there's a very small window allowed for cancellation since fulfillment services typically ship orders very quickly. This timing is out of Squarespace's control.

Find out more information about cancelling a fulfillment in Shipstation’s documentation.

Note: Shipwire, Printful, Amazon FBA, and other fulfillment companies are third-party fulfillment services managed through ShipStation. We're unable to support issues unrelated to the direct connection between Squarespace and ShipStation. For help with fulfillment services, contact ShipStation's support team.
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Using a fulfillment service through ShipStation