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Importing products from Shopify

If you're coming to Squarespace from Shopify, you can import your Shopify products to your Squarespace store.

Before you begin

What will import

Squarespace will import these fields from your Shopify products:

  • Product Name
  • Basic Information (from the Description field in Shopify)
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Variants
  • Weight
  • Images

Importing unlimited stock products

To import products from Shopify so they have an unlimited quantity, leave the Variant Inventory Tracker column blank in Shopify's .csv file.

One-time import

This is a one-time import. Any updates in your Shopify store won't automatically sync to Squarespace after the import.

No manually created .csv files

Manually created .csv files won't import correctly. To successfully import products from Shopify, follow the steps below using a Shopify export file.

Note: Cover page only sites can't import products.

Step 1 - Export your Shopify products

Log into your Shopify account and click Products. Then click Export.

Note: For more help on exporting products in Shopify, visit their documentation

Step 2 - Go to Import/Export Settings

In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Import / Export.

Step 3 - Start the import

Click Import.

Select Shopify from the Import Site menu.

Drag and drop the .csv file into the Add a File box.

Click Begin Import.

When the import is complete, a Success message will display.

The imported products will appear in a new Products Page in the Pages panel, under Not Linked. If you don't see it, refresh/reload the page.

Next steps

From here, you can customize the Products Page. For example, you can:

  • Click and drag the Products Page to the Main Navigation so it appears in your navigation menu.
  • Change the URL and Page Name in Page Settings.
  • Add more products to the page.
  • Move the products to different Products Pages.
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Importing products from Shopify