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Commerce notifications basics

Your customers will receive automatic email notifications for their orders, subscriptions, donations, and accounts. You’ll also receive notifications for new orders and low inventory.

The default appearance and content of customer-facing email notifications are ready to use as-is, but you can customize them to match your design and brand. Editing these emails ensures your customers get the information you want them to, the emails you send reflect your voice, and that any replies go to your correct email address.

Available customer email notifications

Here are the notifications we automatically send to your customers.

Emails for all orders and donations

  • Order Confirmed
  • Order Fulfilled
  • Order Refunded
  • Donation Confirmation

You can customize the subject line and message body for the emails. You can also send yourself test emails so you’re confident in how they appear. To learn how, visit Order emails or Donation emails.

Here’s what the default order confirmed email for a physical product looks like:

Tip: You can create an automated campaign to send a marketing email, or s series of emails, to customers after they make a purchase, in addition to the Order Confirmed email.

Digital and service products

The Order Confirmed email for digital and service products doesn't include shipping details. Instead, the default message includes information about next steps:

  • Digital products - "Thank you for your order at [Site Title]. Unique links to your digital goods will be emailed to you. Your order confirmation is below."
  • Service products - "Thank you for your order at [Site Title]. We will be in contact shortly regarding the services you have orders. Your order confirmation is below."

You can customize the message for these products in the Customer Notifications panel. To learn more, visit Order emails.

Emails for subscriptions

If you sell subscription products, customers receive the same order emails listed above, plus a few emails specific to subscriptions:

  • Subscription cancelled
  • Payment failed - Sent automatically when a subscription renewal can’t be processed because the subscriber’s payment fails. The email includes a prompt to update billing information.

Subscribers don't receive reminder emails before their subscriptions renew.

Other emails

If you enable Abandoned Checkout Recovery and customer accounts, the following emails are also sent:

  • Abandoned Checkout - Sent after a customer abandons a cart during checkout.
  • Welcome - Sent when a customer creates an account.
  • Reset Password - Sent when a customer clicks the Forgot password? link and requests a reset email. Reset password links expire after 24 hours.
  • Password Updated - Sent after a customer updates their password.

Your sender information

Reply-To and From email addresses

Review and change the email addresses customers can see and reply to for all emails.

We recommend:

  • Choosing a Reply-To address you check often.
  • Leaving the From address as the default ( to prevent your emails from being mistakenly marked as spam.

To learn more, visit Notification Settings.

Sender name

Your site title will appear as the sender name for all of your emails.

Business name and address

The Business name and address set in Business Information Settings appears at the bottom of all of your email notifications. We recommend adding this information, since it helps comply with certain regulations and prevents your emails from being marked as spam.

If you’re not sure which address to use, visit Adding your business name and address.

Email notifications contributors receive

Receive order emails at a different address

You may want to receive important account email notifications at one address, and manage orders with another. To receive order emails at a different address:

  1. Invite the account to be an Administrator or Store Manager for your site.
  2. Back in your main account, update your email preferences and switch the Store emails toggle off.

Order emails will start sending to the new recipient address after you accept the contributor invitation from your new account.

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Commerce notifications basics