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Commerce email notifications overview

When a customer submits an order or donation to your Squarespace ecommerce store, they'll receive an automatic confirmation email. They'll also receive a notification email when you ship their order or issue a refund.

You can customize the text and layout of these emails to match your site and brand. Editing these emails ensures that your customers receive proper information and that their replies go to your correct email address.

Available email notifications

There are three notification emails Squarespace sends to your customers.

  • Order Confirmed - Sent automatically after a purchase. This email can't be disabled.
  • Order Fulfilled - Sent automatically when an order is marked fulfilled.
  • Order Refunded - Sent automatically when an order is cancelled or a refund is issued. This email can't be disabled.

If you don't want to send an Order Fulfilled email, uncheck Send Order Fulfilled Notification when completing the order. To learn more, visit Receiving an order.

Customizing email notifications

Subject line and message

Customize subject lines and messages for all three notification emails. To get started, visit Order emails.

Header and footer

Create a default header and footer that will appear on all order emails.

Business name and address

The Business name and address set in the Business Information Settings panel appears at the bottom on all order emails.

General settings

In Email Settings, you can set:

  • The From email address
  • The Reply-to email address
  • The stock level at which an internal inventory notification email is sent

Why should I customize these emails?

Customizing your notification emails is a great way to extend your brand experience with your customers. By editing the tone and content of the email, you can let customers know their business is valued and maintain the aesthetic of your ecommerce store. 

If you're selling a physical product, you can preview how your notification email will appear to your customers. 

Here's an example of a customized notification email:


If you're selling a digital or service product, you can preview your custom notification email by sending a test email. To learn more, visit Order emails.

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Commerce email notifications overview