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Stock Level Alert email

Stock Level Alert Emails tell you if the stock of a product is running low. You can set the quantity that triggers this alert for all products in your store.

The email is sent to all contributors with Admin and Store Manager permissions.

The email includes:

  • Your site name
  • The product name
  • The SKU, which shows the variant

Choose a low stock level

You can choose the stock level that triggers an email in the Notifications panel.

  • The maximum low stock level is 20.
  • This number applies to all products in your store. It can't be customized for specific products.
  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Customer Notifications.


  1. Under Automatic Stock Level Alert Email, drag the slider to select a quantity that prompts the email.
  2. Click Save.


Disable the email

You can stop receiving Stock Level Alert emails by setting the slider to 0.

To unsubscribe from this email:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Customer Notifications.
  2. Drag the slider all the way to the left until it reaches 0.
  3. Click Save
Tip: If you don't log into Squarespace often, keep the level at 1 or higher to stay up to date and ensure your products don't stay sold out.

Replenish stock

When you're ready to restock, go to the Inventory panel. Check the Stock column for a product's current inventory, and click any product to edit it. 

To learn more, visit Managing inventory.

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