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Duplicating products

By duplicating a product, you can add a similar item without having to start from scratch. Duplicated products have the same price and variants as the original product.

Before you begin

  • Only physical products and service products can be duplicated. Digital products can't be duplicated.
  • Duplicating a product creates an entirely separate product. The duplicated and original product won't be linked and won't pull stock from the same inventory. To display the same product in multiple areas of your site, use a Product Block or Summary Block instead.

Step 1 - Open the product

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click a Products Page. Double-click a product to open the Product Editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Step 2 - Duplicate a product

In the Product Editor, click Duplicate.

Step 3 - Edit the new product

A new Product Editor window will appear where you can add details for the duplicated product, including images, a description, and categories.

The new product will be titled "Copy of [your original product name]" and won't include images, tags, or Additional Information.

Note: Squarespace generates random SKUs, but you can change the SKU for the duplicated product so it matches your inventory scheme.  For help editing SKUs, visit Adding products to your store.

Step 4 - Save the product

When you're done editing the new product, click Save & Publish. This sets the product as available for purchase on your site.

If the product isn't available for purchase yet, click Save (and not Save & Publish) to keep the product as Not Listed.

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Duplicating products