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Redeeming your Google Ads credit

If you're a new subscriber to Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords), you can get a Google Ads credit when you spend a given amount. You can use this credit to create ads that appear in search results and other places in the Google Network.


To qualify for the Google Ads credit:

  • You must apply the credit within 14 days of creating your Google Ads account.
  • Your site must be on the Website Business, Commerce Basic, or Commerce Advanced plan. You can be on the annual or monthly billing cycle. To upgrade, visit Changing your website billing plan.
  • The Google Ads credit is only available in select countries, and the amount you must spend in Google Ads to receive the credit depends on where you business is located.
  • You can't combine this promotional credit with other Google Ads credits, and only one credit can be used per Google Ads account.
Tip: To use Google Ads without a credit, visit Google AdWords Express.

Credit by country

The Google Ads credit is available in select countries. The following table lists each country eligible for a Google Ads credit, along with the amount you must Spend to receive a credit, the amount of credit you'll Get, and a link to the offer terms.

For example, If your business billing address is in the United States, you must spend $25 in Google Ads to get a $100 credit on your account.

Country Spend Get Google Ads Offer Terms
Austria €45 €80 Offer Terms
Belgium €20 €80 Offer Terms
Bulgaria lev30 lev90 Offer Terms
Canada $25 $100 Offer Terms
Croatia Kn 100 Kn 400 Offer Terms
Cyprus €25 €80 Offer Terms
Czech Republic Kč 500 Kč 1,000 Offer Terms
Denmark kr 200 kr 600 Offer Terms
Estonia €10 €40 Offer Terms
Finland €25 €80 Offer Terms
France €25 €80 Offer Terms
Germany €45 €80 Offer Terms
Greece €25 €80 Offer Terms
Hungary Ft 6,000 Ft 15,000 Offer Terms
Iceland €25 €80 Offer Terms
Ireland €45 €80 Offer Terms
Israel ₪ 100 ₪ 300 Offer Terms
Italy €25 €80 Offer Terms
Latvia €10 €40 Offer Terms
Lithuania €15 €45 Offer Terms
Netherlands €45 €80 Offer Terms
Norway kr 250 kr 750 Offer Terms
Poland zł 100 zł 200 Offer Terms
Portugal €20 €60 Offer Terms
Romania lei 90 lei 200 Offer Terms
Slovakia €25 €75 Offer Terms
Slovenia €20 €60 Offer Terms
South Africa R230 R600 Offer Terms
Spain €45 €80 Offer Terms
Sweden kr 250 kr 750 Offer Terms
Switzerland CHF25 CHF100 Offer Terms
Turkey TL 115 TL 300 Offer Terms
United Kingdom £45 £80 Offer Terms
United States $25 $100 Offer Terms

If your country isn't on this list:

  • To use Google Ads without a credit in any currency, visit Google AdWords Express.
  • If you received a promotional email from us, go to this link. Click Start advertising today and use the unique code from the email.

Redeem your Google Ads credit

  1. In the Home menu, click Marketing.
  2. Click Google Ads Credit, then click Select country.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, choose your county from the drop-down menu. The country should match the billing address you use for your Google Ads account.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Confirm the selected country is correct, then click Confirm.
  6. Click Copy to copy your unique one-time code to your clipboard, then click Set up Google Ads.
  7. A Google Ads page will open in a new tab. Click Start now.
  8. Follow Google's instructions to complete the setup.
  9. On the Billing page in Google Ads, paste your unique Squarespace Ads code in the Promotional code field.
  10. Click Apply.

Next steps

Start creating your ad campaigns in Google Ads. For help with Google Ads, visit Google's documentation.

Note: Using Google Ads falls outside of the scope of Squarespace support. While we can help with signing up, we're unable to help with setup, managing ads, measuring performance, or billing.
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Redeeming your Google Ads credit