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Logging into Squarespace 5

If you signed up for a Squarespace account before July 2012, you're probably using Squarespace 5. This guide will show you how to log into your Squarespace 5 site. Squarespace 5 uses a different login location and method from Squarespace 7.

Open the login page

You can log into your site from a couple different locations.

From your direct login URL

Open your site's default login page from this URL: (replace youraccount with your actual Squarespace account name)

Note: This URL is case-sensitive. Check that you capitalized the "L" in “Login” to open your login page at the above URL.

From your live site

While viewing any page on your site, press Esc, and a login page will open.

Enter your login name and password

Enter your Squarespace 5 login name and password, and click Login. Your login is the account name at the beginning of your Squarespace URL and not your email address.

For example, if your Squarespace 5 URL is:

Your account name is:


Here's an example of a typical Squarespace 5 login page. Yours may look slightly different depending on your site's design. 


If you forgot your password, click I forgot my password.

Note: You’re currently viewing the Squarespace 7 Help site. To learn more about using Squarespace 5, visit Squarespace 5 Help.
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