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Is my site live?

All Squarespace sites are live by default, meaning they can be seen by visitors. When you start a trial, visitors must enter a CAPTCHA before viewing content, but all sites are accessible unless you take additional steps to keep your site private. Squarespace doesn't use a final "Publish" button to take your site online.

This guide covers where and how visitors can view your site and how to keep it private until you're ready to go live.

Note: To troubleshoot site availability issues, visit Is my site down?

When a trial is live

While a trial site is technically live, it’s not immediately accessible to everyone. During your 14-day trial, visitors will see the landing page below ("Squarespace Trial"), where they can click Visitor Access and enter a CAPTCHA to access your site for 24 hours.

After upgrading to paid service, this CAPTCHA gateway will disappear. To learn more, visit Accessing and sharing a trial site.

Since trial sites are hidden from search engines, people typically won’t find them unless you share a direct link or connect it to a third-party domain that people already know.


When a paid site is live

By default, upgrading to paid service removes the CAPTCHA gateway and creates a live site that visitors and search engines can explore. Visitors can access the site by visiting any domain connected to it. However, you can take steps to make content on a paid site private, typically by creating a site-wide password. To learn more, visit Upgrading to paid service.

When an online store is live

To sell item or services through Squarespace, connect a payment processor. If you add products to your site without connecting a payment processor, visitors trying to check out will see a banner saying "Checkout is closed. This store isn't set up to process payments." Once you connect a payment processor, this banner will disappear and customers can complete the checkout process.

To learn more, visit Understanding Squarespace Commerce.

When changes are live

When editing your site, the following changes won't be publicly visible until you save your changes:

  • Edits made to Regular Pages.
  • Edits made to blog posts, events, and products.
  • Edits made to page descriptions or other settings fields.
  • Style Editor changes.
  • Edits made to content block areas, such as footers.

These changes are publicly visible as soon as a visitor refreshes the page.

  • Images or videos added to Gallery Pages.
  • Tracks added to Album Pages.
  • Adding, deleting, or rearranging pages in the navigation menu.
Note: When previewing a template, content edits on your own pages will be publicly visible. Demo pages won't be visible. To learn more, visit Switching templates.

Keep your site private

Use one of the following methods to keep your site private until you're ready for the world to see it.

Note: Setting up G Suite by Google or verifying other services may require you to temporarily deactivate site-wide or page passwords.

Remove content from search engines

If search engines indexed your site before you were ready to go live, you can often remove this information using Google Search Console. Squarespace is unable to assist with this process. Visit Google's documentation for more information. 

If search engines haven't indexed your site yet, you can use these steps to hide a page from search engine results.

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