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Cover Pages FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions about Cover Pages.

Cover Pages aren't available in version 7.1.

Why can’t I increase my text size past a certain point?

The text, logos, and buttons on a Cover Page can only be enlarged to the maximum width that each layout supports. These limits prevent content from overlapping and ensure a responsive design.

More specifically, Body text displays the set font size only when the browser width is greater than 1800 pixels. For browsers 1800 pixels wide and smaller, the body font hits a maximum size depending on the width:

  • 1800 pixels wide: 27px
  • 1600 pixels wide: 22px
  • 1020 pixels wide: 18px
  • 760 pixels wide: 17px
  • 600 pixels wide: 16px

For example, if you set the body font size to 30px, it will only display at 30 pixels when a visitor’s browser window is at least 1801 pixels wide. Otherwise, it will readjust based on the list above. Similarly, if you set the body font size to 13px, it will always display at 13 pixels since that size is lower than any of the limits.

Branding and Headline text works differently. The font size functions more as a target, and the text scales based on the browser's height and width. This scaling varies between layouts.

The play button changes position on the Projector layout.

The play button’s placement in the Projector layout depends on the amount of text in the Body field:

  • With a small amount of text, the play button remains centered.
  • When the text exceeds a certain width, the play button shifts to the top-left corner.
  • The position varies by browser size.

Can I add custom code to a Cover Page?

Beyond scripts and HTML, Cover Pages have very intentional designs and aren't built for adding custom CSS. To adjust the style of your Cover Page (like fonts and colors), use the Style panel.

If you still need to add HTML or scripts, use the Cover Page's settings to add per-page Code Injection. For more help, visit our Custom code FAQ.

My Twitter feed isn’t updating.

The Twitter feed integration updates every five minutes. If you’re noticing a longer delay, refresh the connection manually:

  1. In the Cover Page Menu, click Social Icons, then click Connected Accounts.
  2. Click your Twitter account.
  3. Click Reset Data. You’ll see a message that your data is resetting and your feed will be refreshed in a few minutes.
  4. Click Save.
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