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I upgraded the wrong site

Since you can create as many Squarespace trial sites as you want, it's possible to accidentally upgrade the wrong site when signing up for paid service.

If you think you upgraded the wrong site, this guide shows you how to review your current subscriptions, cancel service on the incorrect site, and then upgrade the correct one.

Step 1 - Review your sites

While logged into Squarespace, you can view a list of all sites connected to your account. Go to the Home Menu, scroll down, and click your profile picture or initials.


In your Account Dashboard, click the site you want to upgrade. You can recognize it by its:

  • Preview thumbnail
  • Site title
  • Connected domains
  • Trial label, if it's in trial

After you open the site, look for a "Trial" banner at the bottom. Trial sites have a "Trial" banner, unless you're a Circle member and dismissed the banner.

Step 2 - Cancel the wrong active site

After you’ve found the site you want to upgrade and confirmed it's still a trial, open the other site that was accidentally upgraded and cancel service.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then Billing & Account, then Billing.
  2. In the Billing panel, click Website.
  3. Cancel and disable your site using the Cancel Website Subscription option. To learn more, visit Cancelling service.


For our refund policy, visit Cancelling a website subscription.

Tip: It's not possible to transfer the same subscription between two sites. Instead, follow the steps in this guide to cancel the wrong site and upgrade the right one.

Step 3 - Upgrade the right trial site

Upgrade the correct site. You can wait until you receive the refund from the first site or upgrade right away.

  1. In the Home Menu, scroll down and click your profile picture or initials.
  2. In your Account Dashboard, select the trial site you want to upgrade. It will have a Trial label below its thumbnail.
  3. Click the Upgrade Now prompt at the bottom of the browser window.
  4. This will open the Billing panel where you can upgrade to paid service.
Tip: After you’ve activated the correct site, it may help to change the site’s built-in domain. Your built-in domain's URL is visible from any page of your site while you're logged in, which makes it a quick way to identify the site you’re currently editing.
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