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Troubleshooting Wells

This guide explains questions and issues that may come up when using the Wells template.

Tip: For general help, see the Wells template guide.

Can't see navigation sidebar on mobile devices

The responsive design in Wells condenses navigation links to a menu link in mobile view. You’ll see the navigation sidebar when viewing your site on devices or browsers that are wider than 800 pixels.

Folder title navigation links

A folder title navigation link won't appear centered on mobile if it's a long, single term. Break the folder's navigation title into multiple words to resolve the issue.

Similarly, one word folder and page navigation links will appear cut off on computer if they extend past the navigation sidebar's width. Longer links that contain multiple words, however, will wrap down to a second line. Either shorten the term or consider breaking the navigation title into multiple terms.

Gallery Page navigation controls aren't showing

There are a few reasons why this might happen.

  1. If the Gallery Controls: Hide tweak is checked in the Gallery Options section of Site Styles, the navigation controls won’t display.
  2. If there isn’t enough room in the sidebar for the title and description of any image in the gallery, the navigation displays on the opposite side in an overlay.

Gallery Page thumbnails are out of order

This happens when the Thumbnail Aspect Ratio in the Gallery Options section of Site Styles is set to Auto. This setting creates the best layout for thumbnails based on their different sizes.

To display display images in the correct order and make them all the same size, select any aspect ratio other than Auto.

Image captions and navigation display on the wrong side

Wells Gallery Pages have responsive design based on browser size. If the title, descriptions, and navigation for any image in a gallery are too long to fit in the sidebar, those elements display on the opposite side as an overlay for all images in that Gallery Page.

These steps may help:

  • Expand your browser window.
  • Shorten the image titles and descriptions, or reduce their font size in Site Styles.
  • Create more space in the sidebar by reducing the number of navigation links and removing blocks from the content area.
  • Use folders to create drop-down menus and consolidate navigation titles.

If you selected Number or Bullets as your navigation, it displays as Prev / Next in the overlay.

Logo or site title keeps shrinking

In Wells, the logo or site title displays in the sidebar. If your site title font or logo image is wider than the sidebar, the template automatically shrinks it to fit.

To fix the issue:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  2. Increase the width of the sidebar with the Sidebar Width tweak in the Sidebar Options section of Site Styles.
  3. Use the Site Title Size or Logo Image Width tweaks in the Site Title / Logo Options section to change the size of the logo or title.

Navigation sidebar overlaps Gallery Page image caption

If the sidebar navigation has several links or blocks, the sidebar can overlap the Gallery Page image description and controls on smaller browsers. The Gallery Page text often moves to the right of the image as the browser gets smaller, but if you're still seeing the overlap, try the following adjustments:

Random text appears when I share my site on social media

Squarespace can’t control exactly what appears on social media when you share content. However, sometimes with Wells, content from the blog sidebar displays even if it’s hidden on your site.

To delete the sidebar content:

  1. Unhide the sidebar with the Blog Sidebar tweak in the Blog Options section of Site Styles.
  2. Open the Pages panel, and open any Blog Page.
  3. Hover over the sidebar and click Edit.
  4. Delete the sidebar content.
  5. Return to Site Styles and set the Blog Sidebar tweak to Hide.

If you don't have a Blog Page, create one temporarily to remove the demo content from the sidebar, then delete the page.

Site navigation extends below the browser window so visitors can't click the links

If you have a lot of links in your navigation, uncheck Sidebar Fixed in the Sidebar Options section of Site Styles. The sidebar will now move up the page as you scroll.

If you want a fixed sidebar, consider reducing the number of navigation links or using folders to create drop-down menus. You can also remove blocks from the content area to reduce the height.

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Troubleshooting Wells