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Forte Gallery Pages

Forte's Gallery Page displays your images and videos in a carousel. Image captions display below the images and slide up on hover.

Note: To set up your gallery and add images, visit Using the Gallery Page.


The Forte gallery presents your images and videos in a carousel format. 

  • The Background Color displays as the background. Background images don't display.
  • The footer doesn't display.
  • The padding around images or captions isn't adjustable.
Tip: To display images in a different layout, create a Layout Page and customize it with a Gallery Block.

Moving between images

  • Left and right navigation arrows appear on hover, so visitors can navigate to the previous and next images. When you reach the end, the carousel cycles back to the beginning. 
  • Use the Lightbox Transition tweak to choose whether the images fade in or slide in from the right.


Image titles

Image titles and descriptions appear below the images. Captions slide up over the image on hover. Titles always display.

  • Image titles follow the Headings font and color. The size follows the Body Text.
  • Image descriptions follow the Body Text font, color, and size.



Click the + in the top-right corner of the images and videos to open the images in a lightbox slideshow. 

  • Navigation arrows enable visitors to click through the images.
  • Image titles and descriptions don't display.
  • Choose whether the images slide or fade in with the Lightbox Transition tweak.



Clickthrough URLs

Clickthrough URLs turn any image in the gallery into a link to an external page, internal page, or file. In Forte, clickthrough URLs work when the image isn't in the lightbox slideshow.

Deeplink URLs

Deeplink URLs are individual URLs assigned to each image, so you can send visitors directly to any image within a Gallery Page. You can customize the deeplink URL for each image.

When a visitor goes to a deeplink URL, the gallery loads in carousel view with the selected image on the left.


On mobile devices and narrow browsers, the images stack vertically. Captions display below each image. There isn't a lightbox feature on mobile.


Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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