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Avenue Gallery Pages

Avenue's Gallery Page displays images and videos in a slideshow format. The gallery title, image titles, and captions don't display.

Note: To set up your Gallery Page and images, visit Using the Gallery Page.


Use the Gallery Styles section of Site Styles to style the slideshow:

  • Gallery Page Controls - Set the format of the navigation that displays below the image (Tiny Thumbnails, Bullets, Numbers, Simple, Hidden)
  • Gallery Auto Play - Set the gallery to move through the images automatically. Use the Gallery Play Speed tweak to set how long each slide displays.

Index galleries

When you open a Gallery Page from an Index Page, it displays in stacked view instead of slideshow view, and the page title and description displays. To learn more, visit Avenue Index Pages.

Note: The gallery will display as slideshow if a visitor goes to the Gallery Page's direct URL, if the page has a password, or if it's disabled.

  • The same site-wide footer displays at the bottom of your Gallery Pages as the rest of your site.
  • Gallery Pages support per-page headers and footers. However, page headers and footers don't display when the Gallery Page is opened from the Index.
  • For pages within an Index, clickable thumbnails and navigation links display at the bottom of the page.

Other features

Tip: To create different gallery layouts, create a Layout Page and modify it with a Gallery Block.

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