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Info pages (Aviator family)

The info page in the Aviator template family is a special landing page with multiple layout options, which makes a great homepage. It automatically displays your navigation links and built-in social icons, and a customizable content area. Each site has one info page.

You can't add or edit info pages in the Squarespace App.

Set up the info page

Unlike other pages, the info page can’t be deleted or added. Instead, edit the existing demo content:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Locate the info page. Its icon is a dotted box. In Aviator, it's titled Welcome. In Aubrey and Encore, it's titled Home.
  3. Hover over it, click the gear icon, then click Save.

By default, the info page automatically displays your site title and tagline, and the phone number, email, and physical location from Business Information settings. Update any of that information to change the text.

To edit the content area directly:

  1. In the Home menu, click Design, then click Site styles.
  2. Under Info page styles, check Freeform text on info page, then click Save and exit the site styles panel.
  3. Click Edit on the info page to customize the content area with blocks.

For more help, see the content area information below.



The info page has a separate background from the rest of the site.

To add a background image:

  • Use Info page background image in Info page styles.
  • The Info page background everlay creates a color tint.
  • Background images always display on mobile.

To add a background color, delete the background image and set the color with Info page background overlay.

Content area

The content area can display your branding and contact information, or you can customize it directly with blocks.

Branding and contact information

Uncheck Freeform text on info page in Info page styles to automatically display your branding and contact information in the content area.

  • To change the branding, edit your site title and tagline.
  • To change the contact information, edit the Contact phone number, Contact email, and Physical location in Business information.
  • To change or remove the site description, hover over the text and click Edit. (Site descriptions aren't available for sites created since November 2018.)
  • Style the text with Info page site title font, Info page tagline font, Info page contact info font, and Info page description font in Info page styles.
  • Add or hide the line between the contact information and the site description with Hide info page dividers in Info page styles.

Freeform blocks area

Check Freeform text on info page in Info page styles to add an area you can customize with blocks.

  • Style the font for Heading 1 text with Info page site title font in Info page styles.
  • Change the color for Normal text with the Info page description tweak Info page styles.
  • For all other text, use the tweaks in the Typography section of site styles.
  • If you switch to displaying branding and contact information, the custom content saves, and reappears if you switch back.

Style the content area

In Info page styles:

  • Change the width with Info page content width.
  • Change the shape with Info page rounded corners tweak.
  • Add a box behind the content area with Info page content overlay. This helps your content stand out, and can make your text more readable when displaying over an image.
  • Add a shadow around the content area box with Info page content drop shadow.
  • Change the color with Info page content overlay color. Make it partially transparent to let the info page background show through.


Change the layout of your info page with Info page layout in Options. This tweak also affects the rest of your site.

  • Offset - Content is centered, with navigation links on the left. Social icons are in the top-right corner.
  • Poster - Content and links are centered, with social icons at the bottom.
  • Business card - Content and navigation links are on the left. Social icons are in the top-right corner.

Change the padding between elements with the tweaks in Info page styles.

In reduced-width browsers, info pages always display in Poster layout.

More help with info pages

  • You can create an info page-like design on any template with the Card layout cover page.
  • If you're using an info page as the homepage, change your homepage to a different page before switching templates.
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