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Aviator Info Pages

Aviator, Aubrey, and Encore share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.

The Info Page creates a unique landing page for your Aviator, Aubrey, or Encore site. It’s styled independently from other pages. Typically, the Info Page is set as the homepage.

Tip: You can create an Info Page-like design on any template with the Card layout Cover Page.
Note: If you're using an Info Page as the homepage, change your homepage to a non-Info Page before switching templates.

Set up the Info Page

Unlike other pages, the Info Page can’t be deleted or added in the Pages panel. Instead, you'll customize the existing demo content Info Page:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Locate the Info Page. The Info Page icon is a dotted box. In Aviator, the page is titled Welcome. In Aubrey and Encore, the page is titled Home.
  3. Hover over the Info page and click the gear-icon.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Make any changes to the page information, then click Save. 
  6. The Demo label will no longer appear next to the page title.

Add a background image or color

The Info Page supports a separate background than the rest of the site.

To add a background image:

  1. Open Site Styles and scroll down to Info Page Styles.
  2. Use the Info Page Background Image tweak to change the background image.
  3. Use the background image's style options (position, size, repeat, fix) to style the image.
  4. Add a color tint with the Info Page Background Overlay tweak. You may need to adjust the transparency.

To replace the background image with a color, open the Info Page Background Image tweak and click Remove.

  • Set the color with the Info Page Background Overlay color.
  • If the overlay color is set to partially transparent, the Site Background color shows through it. 
Note: The Info Page background image always displays on mobile, even if Mobile Background Image is unchecked.

Add page content

The Info Page automatically displays your navigation links and social icons. It also includes a content area, which displays either:

  • Your site title, tag line, site description, and contact information.
  • An area you can customize with blocks.

Contact information

When you uncheck Freeform Text on Info Page in the Info Page Styles section of Site Styles, the content area is automatically populated with your site's information.

  • Adjust the site title and tag line in the Logo & Title panel. Style the text with the Info Page Site Title and Info Page Tagline tweaks.
  • Adjust the site description by hovering over the area below the site title and clicking Edit. Style the text with the Info Page Description tweaks. To remove the site description, delete the text.
  • Adjust the contact information in the Business Information panel. For the address, use the Physical Location fields. Style the text with the Info Page Contact Info tweaks. 
  • Add or hide the line between the contact information and the site description with the Hide Info Page Dividers tweak.

Freeform content

  1. In the Info Page Styles section of Site Styles, check the Freeform Text on Info Page tweak.
  2. Save and exit Site Styles.
  3. Hover over the content area and click Edit.
  4. Customize the area with blocks
  5. If your Text Block has a Heading 1 header, adjust its font style with the Info Page Site Title tweaks. For all other text, use the tweaks in the Typography section of Site Styles.
Tip: If you uncheck the Freeform Text on the Info Page tweak, the custom content saves, and reappears if you check it again.

Style the content area

Adjust the width of the content area with the Info Page Content Width tweak. To change the shape, use the Info Page Rounded Corners tweak. 

To add a box behind the content area from the rest of the info page, check the Info Page Content Overlay tweak. This helps your content stand out, and can make your text more readable when displaying over an image.

  • Info Page Content Drop Shadow adds a shadow around the content area box.
  • Info Page Content Overlay Color adjusts the color. Make it partially transparent to allow the Info Page background to show through. 

Adjust the layout

The basic layout of your Info Page is controlled by the Info Page Layout tweak in the Options section of Site Styles.

Note: This tweak also affects the rest of your site.

Selecting the Offset, Poster, or Business Card layout determines where the content area, Main Navigation, and social icons display.

  • Offset centers your content, with the navigation links on the left.
  • Poster stacks all your information and links in the center. 
  • Business Card displays all your content on the left, revealing more of the background image.

Use the tweaks in the Info Page Styles section of Site Styles to adjust the padding between elements.

Note: Because Squarespace sites are built with responsive design, the layout of your Info Page changes when viewed on smaller browser windows or mobile devices.

Navigation links

Depending on which layout you’ve selected, the Main Navigation displays in the top-left or top-center.

Use the Navigation tweaks in the Colors section and Typography section of Site Styles to adjust the font style and color of the navigation links.

Note: Changes you make to the navigation style are global throughout your site.

Folders added to the Main Navigation display with a + symbol. The navigation menus show as an overlay. Use the Folder Dropdown tweak in the Colors section of Site Styles to adjust the overlay’s background color and transparency.

To learn how to adjust what pages display in the navigation menu, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

Social Icons

Social icons appear automatically on your Info Page when you’ve added connected accounts.

Depending on which layout you’ve selected, social icons display in the top-right or centered below the content area.

Use the tweaks in the Social Icon Styles section of Site Styles to adjust their color, style, and size, or to hide them altogether.

Note: Style changes you make to the social icons are global throughout your site.

Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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