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Montauk site header

Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.

The site title and Top Navigation display at the top of the page in the site header for Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om.

You can display an address, tag line, or custom text in the header as well, in an area called the subtitle. This guide explains how to adjust the look of the header and replace or edit the default address placeholder text. 

Layout and style

Use the Canvas Style tweak in the Options section of Site Styles to adjust the layout of the site header.

Use the Stack Navigation tweak to stack the navigation vertically. This tweak affects Canvas Style: Left and Canvas Style: Right layouts. It doesn't affect the Canvas Style: Normal layout.

You’ll find other tweaks for the site header elements in Site Styles:

Note: To learn how to adjust what pages display in the navigation menu, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

Header subtitle

Use the Header Subtitle tweak in the Options section of Site Styles to determine what displays in the subtitle:

  • Address displays your address and phone number. Set this information in the Physical Location fields of the Business Information panel.
  • Tag Line displays your site’s tag line. Add or customize your tag line in the Logo & Title panel.
  • Select Custom to add text or other content directly to the subtitle area. The subtitle will display "Your Custom Text Here" as placeholder text. To replace this text, exit Site Styles. Hover over the text, click Edit, and add content using blocks.

Style the subtitle text with the Site Subtitle and Site Subtitle Color tweaks.


You can replace the site title with a logo in the Logo & Title panel.


The title or logo and subtitle display on mobile. On smartphones, the navigation displays in a menu at the top of the page.

Next step

Create a thumbnail navigation grid with the Index Page.

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