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Adding page headers or footers

All templates have a site-wide header that displays your site title or logo and navigation links, and all templates except Wells have a customizable footer that displays on all pages of the site.

Some templates have extra areas for adding content at the top or bottom of specific pages, directly above or below the page content. This can be useful for introducing a page, providing a closing thought, or adding features.

For example, this page header on a Brine Blog Page displays a Newsletter Block:


This guide explains how to add content to page headers or page footers.

Before you begin

  • If you switch templates, the content from your page headers or footers won't appear on the new template.
  • In the Brine and Farro template families, page headers are called "intro areas."
  • In some templates, Layout Pages don't support page headers or footers. Instead, edit the page directly to add content to the top or bottom.
  • Cover Pages don't support page headers or footers.

Edit a page header or footer

To edit your page header or footer:

  1. Hover over the top or bottom of the page and click Edit.
  2. Use blocks to add content such as text and images.
  3. Click Save to publish your changes.


Headers and footers are separate from the page content

A page header or footer is separate from the page content. We recommend using page headers or footers for a small amount of content, and keeping the main focus on the page itself.

Because headers, footers, and pages have separate editors, there isn't a way to drag a block from a header or footer to the page content, or vice versa. (For Text Blocks, you can copy the text from one area and paste it into the other.)


Templates with page headers or footers

You can add page-specific headers and/or footers in these template families. Click the links in the table to learn more.

Template family Page headers Page footers
Avenue Yes Yes
Brine Yes No
Farro Yes No
Five Yes Yes
Montauk No Yes
Wexley Yes No
York Yes Yes

Options in other templates

Although only some templates offer page headers and footers, you can achieve a similar effect in other templates:

  • All templates except Wells offer a site-wide footer, which you can customize with blocks.
  • Some templates support adding blocks to the site-wide header.
  • On any template, you can create a Layout Page and use blocks to create the layout you want.
  • On some plans, you can add custom code to the header with Code Injection.
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