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Forte Index Pages

Forte's Index creates a slideshow of full-bleed images, each representing a page on your site. The header, page title, and navigation arrows display over the image.

The Index Page supports these page types:

  • Regular Pages
  • Gallery Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Events Pages
  • Album Pages
Tip: An Index makes a great homepage.

Set up the Index

  1. From the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the + icon and then click Index.
  3. In the Index that appears, click + Add Page to add a new page, or drag an existing page into the Index.

Add a thumbnail image for each page in the Index. The thumbnail becomes the background image for that page in the slideshow.

  1. In the left panel, hover over the title of a page within the Index.
  2. Click the gear-icon.
  3. In the Media tab, add a thumbnail image.
  4. Click Save.

Repeat this for every page in the Index.

Note: If your page doesn't have a thumbnail image, slide content will display over a gray background. Gallery Pages without a thumbnail image display the first gallery image. 

Slideshow transitions

Use the Index section of Site Styles to choose how the slideshow transitions from slide to slide.

  • Index Transition: Slide - The next image slides in from the right. When the slideshow reaches the last page, the first page slides in from the left.
  • Index Transition: Fade - The next image fades in.
  • Auto Play - Check to rotate through the slides automatically.
  • Auto Play Delay - Choose how long each slide waits before rotating.
  • Slides Click Through - When checked, clicking the image opens the connected page. When unchecked, clicking the image moves to the next slide.
  • Hide arrows - When unchecked, navigation arrows display on hover. The auto-detect feature sets their color to black or white depending on the background image.

Page title

The Index name and page title display in the bottom-left corner.

  • Check Hide Folder Title to hide the Index Page name.
  • Use the Collection Title tweak to style the font and size of the page title and Index Page name. 
  • The auto-detect feature sets the page title color and background to black or white depending on the background image. The Index name is always gray.
  • Set the name of the Index in the Index Page Settings. Set the page title for each page within its Page Settings
  • To use different text for search results, add an SEO title.


The header displays at the top of the slideshow. It's styled the same way on the Index as the rest of your site. The auto-detect feature sets the color of the site title, tag line, navigation links, and social icons to black or white depending on the background image.

  • The Index name displays with a + symbol when Hide Folder Symbol is unchecked. 
  • The sub-pages display in a drop-down on hover.
  • Clicking the Index Page name takes you to the Index slideshow. Clicking any sub-page takes you to that individual page.
Tip: To allow visitors to return to your Index slideshow after they've clicked through to a page within it, include the Index in your Main Navigation, or set it as your homepage.


On mobile:

  • Slides don't click through. You must tap the page name to go to the connected page.
  • Background images crop around the focal point.

Navigation arrows display on mobile, unless:

  • Hide Arrows is checked.
  • The Index is set to Auto Play.
  • Index Transition is set to Slide.

Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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