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Troubleshooting Marquee

This guide explains some issues that may come up when using the discontinued Marquee template family (Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Marquee, Mint, Shift).

For general help, visit the Marquee template guide.

Tip: For a more modern template, we recommend switching to Brine.

I can’t click on my drop-down folder navigation

If your browser isn’t wide enough to fit all navigation titles, your navigation might split into two lines. If there's a folder in the top navigation line, this makes the contents of the drop-down inaccessible.

Your template works best with minimal navigation items. We recommend consolidating content and shortening navigation titles as much as possible. To learn more, visit Editing page titles.

You can also move your folder to the last position in the navigation. This will ensure that the drop-down menu won’t be blocked by other navigation items.

How do I change the banner color?

If the banner area doesn’t have a thumbnail image, it displays a background color instead. To change this color:

  1. Go to the Page title & description section of site styles.
  2. Ensure Hide page title is unchecked.
  3. Use the Title background color tweak to adjust the color.
  4. After you’ve changed the color, you can hide the page title again.

How do I hide a page banner?

To remove a page banner from your site:

  1. Open page settings for that page.
  2. Remove the thumbnail image or video URL.
  3. Remove the page description.
  4. Save and open site styles.
  5. Select Title & description position: under image.
  6. Select Hide page title.

My banner image shifts as the page loads

If your main navigation is set to Fixed position, banners on layout pages load slightly higher on the page, then shift down to the correct position as the page finishes loading.

This behavior is more noticeable if you have a content-heavy page or a slower internet connection, but it's expected for this template. Your banner will display normally when the page is fully loaded.

To avoid this, uncheck Fixed position in the site header section of site styles.

The banner text looks cropped on a mobile device

This can happen if you’ve disabled mobile styles in the Advanced design panel. The index won't display the same way when the content can't rearrange for a mobile display. For the best experience on any mobile device, keep your mobile styles enabled.

For more help with cropping, visit our troubleshooting tips.

My parallax index banner image has gray space above or below it

This gray space can appear when certain blocks added to an index section cause the page length to change. This happens when blocks pull information from other areas of your site (like gallery or summary blocks) or from outside sources (like code or twitter blocks). Setting the block's aspect ratio to Auto can also affect the page length.

To resolve this, move the block to the last Index section, or set the block to any aspect ration other than Auto.

Where are my footer navigation links?

Footer navigation links display at the bottom of the page above the footer.

If the links in your footer navigation are the same color as your footer, they won’t display. Use the tweaks in the Footer section of Site Styles to adjust either the Footer background color or Secondary nav link color.

My description text looks very small on mobile

Due to responsive design, banner text behaves differently on mobile devices or smaller browser windows. By default, description text automatically shrinks to 13 pixels on mobile devices. This is designed to support multiple lines of wrapping text.

As an alternative:

  • Check Extra description formatting in the Page title & description section of site styles.
  • Style the description text as a header by making it bold.
  • Use the Description bold font tweak to set the size you want.

Use the Page title font tweak to adjust the size of the page title. Note that page titles responsively scale to best fit the width of the browser or device. If your page titles vary in word length and number of characters, your page titles may not be a consistent font size on mobile devices.

My index scrolls visitors down to the footer automatically

This is built into your site's functionality when the first page in an Index has the page slug /footer. To fix this, change the name of the URL:

  1. From the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Locate the Index. Hover over the top page in the Index and click the .
  3. Scroll down to the URL slug field, and change the name so it no longer reads "footer."
  4. Click Save.

For more help, visit URL slugs.

There's a blank space between my Index banners

To stack Index banner images without content between them, add pages with thumbnail images but no page content.

When you create a new page, it automatically adds a blank text block. This creates a space between banners on the index. To resolve this:

  1. From the home page, click Pages.
  2. Click the title of your index in the left panel.
  3. In the page preview, scroll down until you see a message saying "This page is empty. Start editing and add content blocks."
  4. Hover over this area and click Edit.
  5. Hover over the text block and click the trash can icon. A new text block will appear, but you can ignore this.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Refresh the page.

To add page content back to this page in the future, move the page out of the Index.

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Troubleshooting Marquee