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Montauk Gallery Pages

Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.

The Gallery Page in these templates stacks images and videos vertically.

Note: To set up your Gallery Page and images, visit Using the Gallery Page.



The images in your gallery stack vertically. The page title and page description display on the left, above a customizable Share link. Images display on the right.

  • Use the Project Layout: Right Sidebar tweak in the Index Styles section of Site Styles to reverse the layout.
  • Use the Index Sidebar Width tweak to adjust the width of the title and description text. The images change size based on the sidebar width.
  • Control the page title font with the Index Thumb Titles tweak in the Index Styles section of Site Styles.
  • Control the title size with the Heading 2 tweak in the Typography section.

Image titles and descriptions display below each image.

Index galleries

Gallery Pages display differently when a visitor opens one by clicking its thumbnail in an Index Page.

  • The top of the Gallery Page displays at the top of the browser, rather than the site header. This places emphasis on your page content. Visitors can scroll up to see the site header.
  • Thumbnails for all other pages in the Index display at the bottom of the page along with navigation elements.

Other features

Tip: To create different gallery layouts, create a Regular Page and modify it with a Gallery Block.

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