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Using the Frontrow template (discontinued)

Frontrow (discontinued) is a full-screen portfolio template designed to showcase images at their maximum size. This guide will walk you through customizing your site using Frontrow.

Note: This template is discontinued and can no longer be installed.

Structure and style

Site title and navigation

The site title and navigation displays at the top of Blogs and Pages. The alignment can be set to Left, Center or Right. For those header alignment options, the navigation can be set as Normal, Split, or Stacked

Normal: When using the Left or Right header alignment, the pages in your navigation will display next to the site title or logo images. With the Center alignment, the navigation appears below the site title or logo. 

Split: This setting splits the navigation to appear opposite of the site title and logo. When using this with Center alignment, pages in Main Navigation split to the left of the header, and pages in Secondary Navigation split to the right. 

Stacked: Your navigation will stack below the site title or logo image. The Center alignment stacks Social Icons below the navigation in the center of the header. 

Note: The size, typography, and color of the Site Title and Navigation can be set in Site Styles to further configure the appearance of the header.

The header on Gallery pages can be set to appear at the top or bottom of the page in addition to the alignment and navigation settings. 

Note: The Navigation Spacing can be set within the Sizes & Values section of Site Styles to determine the amount of space that appears between the navigation links.

You can edit navigation settings in the Site Header section of Site Styles. For Gallery Pages, there's a separate Gallery Styles section where you can adjust the position (top or bottom) of the header.

Note: We have a great guide for using Site Styles here.

Sidebar and footer

The Frontrow template supports a sidebar in Blog Pages only. The sidebar can be set to appear to the Right or Left of the content column, or it can be hidden. These options are located in the Blog Styles section of Site Styles. 

Note: Frontrow doesn't have a footer.

Social icons

Social icons can be set to Normal, Round, or Square

You can edit how your social icons display or hide them in the Site Header section of Site Styles.



You can set the full-screen Gallery Pages to fit or fill a browser window.

Fit: Images will retain their original aspect ratios while fitting in the browser window. The images are then letterboxed or pillarboxed by the Gallery Background color, which can be set within the Gallery Styles section of Site Styles. 

Fill: Image will automatically crop or stretch to fill the entire browser window. 

Clicking an image will navigate to the next image in the gallery. 

Note: You can set the gallery to navigate through images automatically by checking Gallery Auto-Play in the Gallery Styles section of Site Styles. Images will automatically transition every five seconds.
Note: Image Titles and Descriptions don't display in Frontrow.


The Frontrow template doesn't feature an Index page. To learn more about the Index Page, visit For more information about using the Index page, visit Using the Index Page.



Blog posts display the date and post title at the top of the post, with the categories, tags, comment link, share button and like button appearing at the bottom. The Blog Page features a sidebar that you can set to the left or right of the content column. You can also hide the sidebar.

Blog post author names don't display in Frontrow.

Promoted Blocks

Promoted Blocks display above the post title and date. To learn more, visit Using Promoted Blocks.

Blog excerpts

Blog excerpts appear as text, with the Read More link leading to the full blog post. If you use a Promoted Block with the post, that block will also display with the excerpt content. 

Note: We have a great guide for using blog excerpts here. Thumbnail Images do not appear in blog excerpts for the Frontrow template.

Mobile display


The navigation on mobile devices for the Frontrow template will display a menu button next to the site title or logo image. Touching the menu button on your mobile device will open the navigation. Pages added to your Main navigation and Secondary navigation will appear in this menu. 

Note: The navigation on Gallery pages will appear differently depending on the Gallery Navigation settings within Site Styles.  The Gallery Navigation (Active) color will be used as the background for the mobile navigation on gallery pages, while the Navigation (Active) color will be used as the mobile navigation background on all other pages.


Gallery Pages will display images at full width and stacked on your mobile device. 

Blog Pages display blog posts, excerpts, and promoted blocks as they appear on desktop browsers. 

Note: Content blocks in the sidebar display on the bottom of a Blog Page on mobile.

Content blocks will display in one column depending on how you added content to your site.

Note: We have a great guide for viewing your site on a mobile device here.

Social icons display in the bottom-center of your site if they're enabled.

You can set the Mobile Logo Image Size and Mobile Site Title Size in Site Styles to further customize the mobile display.

Note: You can disable Mobile Styles.

Special features

Gallery Pages use a special translucent overlay to display the header on your site. The Gallery Header Background can be set to configure the color for the overlay. 

Page Alignment can be set to have content added to Blogs and Pages appear Left, Center or Right within Site Styles. 

The Constrain Header Width checkbox can be checked to add additional padding around the Header Navigation.

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Using the Frontrow template (discontinued)