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Hudson mobile display

This page will walk you through how Hudson sites display on mobile devices. For more, visit How will my site appear on a mobile device?


When viewed on a mobile device, the navigation in Hudson displays a menu link above the page banner image. 

Tapping the menu button opens a list of pages in Main Navigation.

Pages in a folder in the Main Navigation will appear here, but the folders themselves don't display.

The Navigation Link Color tweak in Site Styles controls the color of the menu link and the links within the navigation.


Mobile Gallery Pages

Gallery Pages display images at full width and stacked.

Gallery Pages display the page titles and descriptions above images.

Mobile Index Page

The Index Page displays stacked thumbnail images for each page in the Index. Page titles display below the images. 

When you tap a thumbnail image, the content opens above the other pages in the index.

CloseNext, and Previous links display for navigation.

Mobile Blog Pages

Blog Pages display blog posts, excerpts, and Promoted Blocks as they appear on a desktop browser.

If your blog has a sidebar, it displays below the blog posts.

Blocks added to pages display in a column depending on how the content was added to your site.

Mobile footer

The info footer and site footer display centered below page content.

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