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Using the Checkout Style Editor

The Checkout Style Editor lets you style your checkout page to match the aesthetic of your site.

Note: It isn't possible to change the checkout page language at this time.

Step 1 - Go to the Checkout Page Style Editor

In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Checkout Page Style Editor.

Step 2 - Style your checkout page

You can adjust these style elements:

  • Background Color - Change the background color.
  • Show Site Logo - Select to display your site logo.
  • Title Color - Change your Site Title color, if Show Site Logo is unchecked.
  • Header Color - Change the header color.
  • Header Border Color - Change the header border color.
  • Header Alignment - Display the title or logo in the Left, Center, or Right of the header.
  • Button Color - Change the buttons on the page, including the Continue and Redeem buttons. We don't recommend changing the color to transparent or white. Since the button text can't change, this hides the button and prevents customers from continuing with the transaction.
Note: The Header Color, Header Border Color, and Header Alignment tweaks won't apply to the Donation checkout page.

When you’re finished styling the checkout page, click Save

Step 3 - View the order confirmation page

After customizing your checkout page, your Order Confirmation page updates to match your site’s template styles. You can view this by running a test order.

Next steps

You can also add a custom checkout form to collect information from your customers.

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Using the Checkout Style Editor