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Using Google Translate with Squarespace

You can add a Google Translate button to your site to make your content available in multiple languages.

The solutions in this guide include injecting code and using a Code Block to add advanced code. These are Premium features available in the current Website Business plan and higher:

  • Available in: All Business and Commerce plans
  • Available in: Legacy Personal plan (no longer available for new subscriptions)
  • Not available in: Current Personal plan
  • Trial: You can use Code Injection and Code Blocks during a trial.

To learn more, visit Premium features.

Step 1 - Get the Google Translate code

Go to Google Translate and click the About Google Translate link at the bottom of the page.


Click Tools, and then click Get Started. 


Click Add to your website now.

Add the URL for your site, and then click Next.

Customize the button with your language and display preference, and then click Get Code.

Copy the code that appears in the Google Translate text box.

Step 2 - Add the code to your site

You can place the Google Translate button in a few areas of your site depending on how you want it to display.

Add site-wide translations

To set the button to translate your entire site, add the code in the Code Injection panel:

In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Code Injection.


Paste the code into the Header section and click Save.

You'll then see the Google Translate button at the top of each page of your site:

Add page-specific translations

To only translate specific pages, add the code in the Page's Settings:

In the Home Menu, click Pages. In the Pages panel, find the page you want to translate, and click the to open Page Settings.

Click the Advanced tab. Paste the code into the Page Header Code Injection. Click Save.

You'll see the Google Translate button at the top of that page on your site.

Use a Code Block for more control

Alternatively, you can paste the code into a Code Block anywhere on your site. This translates only the content of the page with the Code Block and gives you more control over the specific placement of the button.

Note: You can use the Code Block to add the button to a sidebar or footer if your template supports it.

Template compatibility

Google Translate doesn't work with the templates listed below. Templates are grouped by family.

Bedford family

Anya, Bryant, Bedford, Hayden

Google Translate Code works on desktops, but breaks the mobile navigation.
Flatiron Google Translate code expands the header and disrupts page layouts.

Skye family

Foundry, Indigo, Ready, Skye, Tudor

The Google Translate button appears behind the menu icon and can't be clicked.

Tremont family

Camino, Carson, Henson, Tremont

The Google Translate button may overlap with your site elements.
Note: This third-party customization falls outside the scope of our support. This means that we’re unable to help further with setup or troubleshooting. Additionally, since this is a code-based solution, we can’t guarantee its functionality or full compatibility with Squarespace. This includes how it functions with our responsive design, particularly its appearance on mobile devices, and if it functions on all templates. Third-party customizations can also cause display issues with future updates to our platform. While we can't help further, there are many resources that can point you in the right direction:
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