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Showing or hiding past events

Showing past events in an Events Page is a great way to promote what you've offered previously, along with your upcoming events.

  • In List view, you can enable or disable past events in Site Styles. 
  • In Calendar view, past events always display.

Display or hide past events

  1. Open an Events Page and ensure it's set to List view.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Site Styles.
  3. Scroll down to Events. Check or uncheck Show Past Events to display or hide all past events.
  4. Click Save at the top of the panel to apply your changes.

Note: The discontinued Marquee family can't show past events.

View past events

When Show Past Events is enabled, past events will appear on your Events page.

In List view, up to 30 past events will appear. The event displays with the date crossed out:

In Calendar view, past events always display. The event displays in the same style as upcoming events:

To learn more about Events Page display options, visit Styling the Events Page.

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Showing or hiding past events