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Simple Likes

With Simple Likes, visitors can click a Like icon at the bottom of a blog post. Depending on your template, the icon might appear on your main Blog Page or on individual post pages. In certain templates, liking a post triggers an exploding hearts animation.




One visitor "like" per post

A visitor can like each blog post only once. We limit visitor likes per blog post in three ways:

  • When a visitor likes a post, the action is stored in their browser's local storage.
  • We also log the visitor's IP address to prevent multiple likes from the same visitor.
  • If a visitor is logged into your site, they can't like the post again from any browser or IP while logged in.
Note: On templates with grid/stacked Blog Pages, the Simple Like icon won't display a counter if Share buttons are set to Style: Icon Only in Site Styles.

Enable Simple Likes

To enable Simple Likes:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Blogging.
  2. Check Simple Liking Enabled.

Exploding hearts animation

The templates below have a special animation for Simple Likes:

  • Avenue
  • Five
  • Galapagos
  • Ishimoto
  • Wells
  • Wexley


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