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Simple Likes

With Simple Likes, visitors can click a Like icon at the bottom of a blog post. Depending on your template, the icon might appear on your main Blog Page or on individual post pages. In certain templates, liking a post triggers an exploding hearts animation.




One visitor "like" per post

A visitor can like each blog post only once. We limit visitor likes per blog post in three ways:

  • When a visitor likes a post, the action is stored in their browser's local storage.
  • We also log the visitor's IP address to prevent multiple likes from the same visitor.
  • If a visitor is logged into your site, they can't like the post again from any browser or IP while logged in.

Enable Simple Likes

To enable Simple Likes, in the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Blogging.

Check Simple Liking Enabled. (Uncheck this option to disable Simple Likes.)

Note: On templates with grid/stacked Blog Pages, the Simple Like icon will not display a counter if Share buttons are set to Style: Icon Only in the Style Editor.

Exploding hearts animation

The templates below have a special animation for Simple Likes:


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