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Squarespace Analytics FAQ

This guide answers some general questions about Squarespace Analytics (previously Squarespace Metrics). To see detailed guides on each panel, visit Using Squarespace Analytics.

Note: We recently renamed Metrics to Analytics.

How far back can I go?

How far back you can go in Analytics depends on the panel you're viewing. For limits by panel, visit Analytics filters and date ranges.

How often does Analytics refresh with new data?

Data in Analytics can take up to 90 minutes to update.

Can I reset data in Analytics?

It isn’t possible to reset Analytics or restart the data from scratch.

Can I export Analytics data?

It's not currently possible to export Analytics data to a .csv or other format.

You may want to use our Analytics App for iOS to access Analytics from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

How does Analytics handle different time zones and currencies?

Time, date ranges, and currencies are based on what you’ve set in Regional Settings, not your visitors’ time zones or currencies. Changes to Regional Settings aren’t retroactive.

How does Squarespace get the data in Analytics?

Our platform records visitor activity via JavaScript in the browser.

I want data that isn’t available on Analytics. Where can I find it?

Analytics is evolving, and we’re exploring new ways to provide more insights for our customers. We recommend Google Analytics as a supplement to Squarespace Analytics.

If you sell products, note that Analytics gives you a high-level, visually rich overview of how your store is doing. For more detailed reporting you might need for accounting purposes, we recommend the reports in your Stripe account.

Why is Google Analytics data different than Squarespace Analytics?

Our two platforms have different ways of calculating site traffic, which explains slight discrepancies you might see between them. For example, Google Analytics counts your activity when you're logged in, while Squarespace Analytics excludes your activity. In Google Analytics, some data might be based on a sample size, while Squarespace Analytics always calculates data based on full visitor activity.

To learn more, visit Using Google Analytics with Squarespace.

Where did Traffic Overview, Sales Overview, Mobile Usage, and Referrers go?

We recently released improvements to Analytics to provide clearer context for visitor data based on how you use Squarespace. Analytics vary by plan, so if you’re on the current Commerce plans, you’ll see reports that frame visitor behavior patterns around revenue and sales. If you’re on a Website plan, your Analytics panels focus on engagement and site traffic.

For more on your current plan, visit What plan am I on? For a list of Analytics panels by plan, visit Using Squarespace Analytics.

If you’re on the Commerce plans, visit these panels for a view of these statistics through an eCommerce lens:

What are the differences between Visits, Audience Size, and Page Views?

In Traffic Overview:

  • A Visit is a single browsing session by the same visitor.
  • Audience Size is an estimate of the total number of visitors that reached your site in the selected time period.
  • Page Views tracks how many actual page requests your site received in the selected time period.

How does revenue factor adjustments like operating costs and discounts?

Revenue is the sum of all subtotals and excludes costs like shipping fees and taxes. In Commerce Overview, Traffic Sources, Abandoned Checkout, and Purchase Funnel, discounts on subtotals are subtracted from the revenue number. Sales Overview in the Website plans doesn’t factor in discounts.

Analytics doesn’t factor in refunds at this time.

Does Analytics include test orders?


How are views for pages in an Index counted?

Page views for an Index are counted in two different ways:

  • Viewing a page accessed from the main Index Page counts as a view for the Index Page, not the individual page, in Analytics.
  • Viewing a page directly from its unique URL counts as a view for the individual page, not the Index, in Analytics. 

If you'd like to get more views on a certain page, adjust the way that you share your Index Page

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Squarespace Analytics FAQ