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Advanced Form Block options

After adding a Form Block and connecting storage options, you can add optional customizations to make it your own, including:

  • A custom "Submit" button
  • A post-submit redirect that takes visitors to another page
  • A post-submit message that appears after completing the form
  • A call-to-action button that opens the form in a lightbox
Note: Cover Page forms share some of these options, but not all. For example, it's not possible to change the button alignment of a Cover Page form.

Go to Advanced options

In the Form Block Editor, click the Advanced tab.


Change the submit button

You can replace the default text for the submit button to match the tone of your site. Then select an Left, Center, or Right from the Button Alignment drop-down menu.


Add a post-submit redirect

The post-submit redirect takes a visitor to another page or an external site after they click the Submit button.

Click Click to add URL... to set up the redirect. Use the External tab to redirect to an external website, or use the Content tab to select another page on your site.

To test a post-submit redirect, submit a form while logged out or in an Incognito browser. Post-submit redirects won't work while logged into your site.

To delete a post-submit redirect, click the trash can icon.


Add a post-submit message

The post-submit message appears after a visitor clicks the Submit button. You can personalize this text and style it with the text toolbar.

Tip: The post-submit message won't appear if a post-submit redirect is set up.

Add post-submit HTML

You can add HTML code to display along with the Post-Submit message. Enter the code in the Post-Submit HTML field.

Tip: Adding HTML here is an advanced modification, and we're unable to troubleshoot custom code related issues.

Set the form to open in a lightbox

Instead of showing the Form Block on a page, you can set the form to open in a pop-up when a visitor clicks a button. This is a great option for longer forms:

  1. Scroll down in the Form Block Editor.
  2. Check Enable Lightbox Mode.
  3. The default button label text is Open Form. To change it to custom text like ("Sign Up" or "Subscribe"), use the Open Button Label field.

The lightbox form has a fixed style. It's not possible to change the font, colors, or submit button.

HIPAA compliance

The Form Block isn't currently HIPAA compliant, but Squarespace Scheduling is designed to comply with the requirements of HIPAA. To learn more, visit Squarespace and HIPAA

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Advanced Form Block options