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Managing comments

You can manage comments on your blog posts in the Comments panel. To set rules for blog comments (for example, to require approval before posting), visit Comment Settings.

Comments are only available in blog posts.

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Open the Comments panel

In the Home Menu, click Comments.

Note: If you don't see Comments in the Home Menu, first enable comments in Comment Settings. (We hide the Comments panel until Comments are enabled): In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Blogging, and then click Comment Settings. Check Enable Comments Globally, and then refresh your browser.

Comments are sorted as Unmoderated, Approved, or Flagged. If a visitor included an email address with a comment, their email address will appear next to their name.

Review unmoderated comments

If you require comments to be approved before they're posted, they'll appear in the Unmoderated tab.

  • To approve the comment, click the checkmark icon.
  • To delete the comment or report it as spam, click the trash can icon.

Set up approval rules in Comment Settings.

Review approved comments

Once a comment is approved, it appears in the Approved tab. Comments that don't require approval also appear here.

  • To delete the comment or report it as spam, click the trash can icon.
  • To reply, click the speech bubble icon.

Review flagged comments

Once a visitor flags a comment, it appears in the Flagged tab. Allowing Comment Flags in Comment Settings is a great way to let visitors identify potentially spam or inappropriate comments for your review.

  • To delete the comment or report it as spam, click the trash can icon. Deleted comments can't be recovered.
  • To reply to the comment, click the speech bubble icon.
  • Click Clear Flags to remove all flags from the selected comments.

Selection options

Clicking on a comment will select it and open a menu at the bottom of the panel. From this menu, you can:

  • Delete
  • Deselect
  • Select All

Get emails for new comments

Squarespace automatically notifies certain contributors about new comments via email. To learn more, visit Managing your email preferences.

Note: As an alternative to Squarespace's commenting system, you can add advanced commenting features to your site through our integration with Disqus.
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