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Connecting to Squarespace from Google Domains

You can connect a Google Domain to a Squarespace site directly from Google's interface. This is the best option if you’ve just registered or transferred a domain with Google and want to create a new website using Squarespace.

Tip: We recommend transferring your domain to Squarespace instead of connecting it. Here are some reasons why you might want to transfer your domain:

  • You can move all aspects of managing it to your Squarespace account so you won't need to pay for it through a third party.
  • Your domain could qualify for one free year of hosting.
  • Squarespace can help with any issues with your domain directly.

Your domain must be eligible to transfer. Learn more about the differences between transferring and connecting or get started with a transfer here.

Before you begin

Select Squarespace as your host

When your domain registration or transfer with Google is complete, click Create Website in the window that appears.

Note: If you’ve closed any registration windows in Google, follow the steps in Google’s documentation and select Squarespace as your website builder instead.


Next to Squarespace, select an option from the drop-down menu:

  • If you're new to Squarespace, select Start Trial. Then follow these steps.
  • If you have a Squarespace site and want to connect it to your new Google Domain, select Connect existing account. Then follow these steps.

Start a trial

Every new Squarespace site starts as a trial. If you selected Start Trial, you’ll see our Templates page. Follow the prompts to choose a template and start a new trial. (You can always change your template later.)

After choosing a template, click Log in to Google & Connect My Domain. You'll be asked to authorize Squarespace to change your domain records. This automatically connects your domain to Squarespace.

Your Google domain will start connecting to your new Squarespace site. This may take up to 30 minutes to process.

In the meantime, you can start building your new Squarespace site.

Connect to an existing site

Tip: If you already have a Squarespace site, you may find it easier to close any windows in Google Domains and connect your domain to Squarespace from our side instead.

If you just registered a domain with Google and already have a Squarespace site you want to use with it, select Connect Existing Account.

This opens the Squarespace login screen. Enter your email address and password then click Login.

Select the site you want to use with your Google Domain. This step is important if you have multiple Squarespace sites under one account. Ensure you’re selecting the correct site.

Click Connect Domain.

Click Accept to give Squarespace permission to edit and change your domain records. After you accept, Squarespace will connect your domain to the Squarespace site you selected.

Wait and test

Your domain will usually connect to your site within 24 hours. At times, it can take up to 72 hours. Visit the Domains panel at any time to check your progress.

When the domain is correctly linked, the domain will appear in the Domains panel with a Connected label.

Getting more help

For more help with settings in your Google account, contact their support team or visit their documentation

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Connecting to Squarespace from Google Domains