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Adding more G Suite users

After signing up for G Suite by Google, you can add more email addresses (also known as “users”) directly from your Squarespace site.

Note: G Suite users are managed separately from contributors to your Squarespace site.
Note: Instead of adding a new user, you may want to rename an existing user

Pricing and billing

  • Monthly plan price per email address: $5
  • Annual plan price per email address: $50

After successfully adding a new user, we’ll charge the prorated price based on the time remaining in your current billing cycle. In your next recurring payments, your invoice will increase by $5 (monthly) or $50 (annually) depending on your plan. For more billing details, visit G Suite pricing, billing, and invoices.

Add a user

Follow these steps to send an email invitation for your G Suite account.

Note: Add users from your Squarespace site, not from your G Suite Admin Console. The G Suite Admin Console limits the number of users you can add. From your Squarespace site, you can add unlimited users to your G Suite account.
  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Email.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. In the Email Address fields, enter the new users' first name, last name, and username. The username will be the first part of their email address for their G Suite account. For example, if their email address will be, enter maria. You can also use something generic like “contact.”
  4. Check the Administrator option to give this user full administrative access on the G Suite account. All G Suite accounts need at least one Administrator.
  5. In the Send Invitation field, enter the person’s current email address to send them an invitation and temporary password.
  6. Click Purchase User.
  7. Squarespace will send an email invitation to their existing email address. They’ll log into G Suite and set up their account from the email.
Note: If the person didn’t receive the invitation email, resend it in the Email panel.

Give one user multiple email addresses

If a user wants to receive mail sent to multiple email addresses, create email aliases for the user instead of adding new users. You can add multiple aliases at no additional cost.

For example, if chris@yourdomain wants to receive mail sent to, create the alias “marketing@yourdomain.” Mail sent to the alias will appear in Chris’s inbox.

You’ll do this from your G Suite Admin Dashboard. To learn more, visit Google’s documentation.

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Adding more G Suite users