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Using Xero with Squarespace

Xero is accounting software you can integrate with your Squarespace store. By connecting Xero with Squarespace, Squarespace will export a Daily Sales Summary for the previous day's transactions to your Xero account every day at 1:00 AM EST.

Note: Xero is a paid service available in the United States only. Learn more about Xero's plans and features on their pricing page. To get started, sign up for a free trial here. Billing for your Xero account is handled directly through Xero, not Squarespace.

Before you begin

Our integration with Xero is available in the United States and can only be used with the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans. Certain legacy plans are also eligible. To upgrade your site, visit Changing your billing plan.

Squarespace can't provide accounting or tax advice. While you can use Xero as a tool for your business, you're responsible for establishing your chart of accounts and mapping sales to appropriate accounts in Xero.

Note: Test orders don't export to Xero.

Step 1 - Connect Xero

In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Accounting.


Click Connect Xero.


Click Confirm if your business is based in the United States. Squarespace only supports Xero integration in the United States.


Log in using your Xero username and password.

This will authorize Squarespace to access your Xero account. Once logged in, click the drop-down menu to select the organization to connect to Squarespace.


Note: Your Xero account can only connect to one Squarespace site at a time.

Once you complete this step, the Step 1: Connect Xero text and button will appear grayed out.

Step 2 - Set up account mappings

Once you've connected Squarespace with Xero, you can select which account each line item of your Daily Sales Summary will be filed under. Click Set Up Xero to begin.


Add accounts to Xero

You can create and map three accounts in Xero:

  1. "On Sale" Discounts - Discounts taken from placing products on sale in Squarespace Commerce.
  2. Coupon Discounts - Discounts taken from applying discounts to orders in Squarespace Commerce.
  3. Credit Card Receivable - Funds owed to your business for credit card purchases made in Squarespace Commerce.

Click Create in Xero next to the appropriate accounts.

Click Create.

Map line items

After you create your accounts, you can select which account each line item of your Daily Sales Summary will be mapped to. Account Mapping displays the available accounts created in your Xero Organization. Click an arrow icon on the right to open a drop-down menu and change the account.


When you're finished, click Save & Continue.


Step 3 - Finish

After configuring your account mappings, you're finished. 


Squarespace will export a Daily Sales Summary for the previous day every day at 1:00 AM EST

The Daily Export to Xero box will display your organization's name, the last Daily Sales Summary export, and the next scheduled export.

You can also edit the option to:

  • View Sales in Xero - View invoices in your Xero account.
  • Manually Export To Xero - Select a time frame to export your sales summary to Xero.
  • Edit Account Mappings - Manage your set account mappings.
  • Disconnect Xero - Disconnect Squarespace with your Xero Organization.

Step 4 - View orders in Xero

From your Xero account, you can view daily invoices. Invoices display a breakdown of charges and credits for orders or refunds processed that day. Each line displays the order number and one of the following items:

  • Subtotal - Cost of all products in order, before discounts.
  • Tax - If you have multiple tax rules, each tax rule occupies its own line.
  • Stripe fee or PayPal fee - The amount charged by Stripe or PayPal for the transaction.
  • Coupon discount - This may include On Sale items, or those may occupy a separate line, depending on how you set your mapping.
  • Shipping charges - Any shipping costs charged on the order.
  • Rounding - In the case of partial refunds, this line balances any discrepancies in rounding between Squarespace and Xero's system.
  • Refunds - Any full or partial refund amounts.

Note: This guide is available as a resource, but isn't meant as accounting or legal advice. Squarespace can't provide direction on specific tax rules. If you have tax questions, you may want to consult your tax advisor.


Xero exports can fail if a mapping becomes disconnected when changes are made in Xero. The site owner will receive an email for every failed export from with the subject "Daily Export To Xero Failed."

To fix this issue:

  1. Log into your Squarespace site.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Accounting.
  3. Scroll down and click Edit account mappings.
  4. Look for any mappings that say Select an account. Click the text and select a new account to link.
  5. Repeat this for all mappings that say Select an account.
  6. Click Save when finished. 

You can then click Manually export to Xero and select a date range to update Xero with the failed exports.

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Using Xero with Squarespace