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Cancelling and refunding an order

This guide covers cancelling an order and issuing a refund. To learn about receiving orders, visit Receiving an order.

Note: You can issue a full or partial refund up to 180 days after you receive a payment through PayPal. It isn't possible to refund PayPal payments through Squarespace after that time. For more information, visit PayPal's documentation.

Step 1 - Open an order

Depending on your plan:

  • In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Orders.
  • In the Home Menu, click Orders.

You can also press the? key while any panel is open and search orders.

Click an order to open the Order Summary window.

You can also search by the customer's order #, email, or name in the Search box. When searching by order number, exclude the #.

Step 2 - Cancel an order

Click Cancel Order.

Tip: If an order is marked as Fulfilled, open the order and click Mark as Pending before following the cancellation process.

In the Cancel Order window, click Confirm.

Note: Cancelling an order fully refunds the purchase and can't be undone. You can learn more about partial refunds here.

To add items back to your inventory, leave Restock Inventory checked.

Step 3 - Issue a full refund 

Cancelling the order initiates a full refund.

Squarespace will automatically send the customer an email notification that the order was cancelled. Click the drop-down menu and select Cancelled to view and print cancelled orders. Cancelled orders can't be reprocessed.

To issue a refund without cancelling the order, click Issue Refund and enter the full amount. This will initiate a full refund and notify the customer, but won't restock the items.

The order will display Refunded in the Payment column. 

Step 4 - Issue a partial refund

For orders with multiple items or other disputes, you can issue a partial refund. Click an order, then in the Order Summary window, click Issue Refund.

Enter the preferred refund amount and click Issue Refund. 

Tip: To refund tax and shipping costs, include their value in the Refund Amount.

In the Issue Refund window, click Confirm

The order will display Partial Refund in the Payment column. 

Note: Partial refunds don't restock inventory. To learn more about managing your inventory, visit Managing inventory.

Refunds and fees

Refunds of processing fees vary between payment processors.


Full refunds include Squarespace's transaction fees and partial refunds include a pro-rated portion of the fees. Refunds don't include Stripe's processing fees.


Full refunds include Squarespace's transactions fees and most of PayPal's processing fees, excluding PayPal's fixed transaction fee (for example, $0.30 for transactions for U.S.-based accounts). Partial refunds include a pro-rated portion of the fees, but not PayPal's fixed transaction fee.


What happens when an order is refunded?

The customer will receive an email notifying them of the refund. If the order was fully refunded, it will display Cancelled in the Fulfillment column.

Who pays for return shipping?

A full refund will be issued for the entire payment amount, including shipping. To exclude shipping costs, issue a partial refund. Squarespace doesn't mediate any disputes regarding the return shipping of refunded items.

Can I issue a refund for store credit?

A refund will return the specified amount to the customer’s card. To issue a refund for store credit, you can offer them a discount for the refund amount.

This option may not work for every store. It isn't possible to create single-use discount at this time, so there's a risk that discounts could be over-used.

Should I issue a refund through my payment processor?

While you can issue refunds through your payment processor, note that refunds handled this way won't sync with your Orders panel or refund Squarespace transaction fees. Whenever possible, we recommend processing all cancellations and refunds through your Squarespace site.

How long will it take for my customer to receive their refund?

Refund time varies between payment processors. For more information, visit Stripe and PayPal's documentation.

Is it possible to over-refund an order?

No, you can't issue a refund for more than the initial payment. Even if you refund the order separately through your payment processor, issuing a refund through the Orders panel on your site will only refund the balance. That means: 

  • If you issue a full refund through your payment processor, and again through Squarespace, we will refund $0.00. 
  • If you issue a partial refund through your payment processor, and then a full refund through Squarespace, we will refund the remaining balance.

Can I remove cancelled or refunded orders?

No, it isn't possible to remove any orders except test orders. This way, you'll always have a complete record of transactions and refunds made through your site. 

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Cancelling and refunding an order