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Unsubscribing from Commerce email notifications

Follow these steps to stop receiving internal email notifications for new orders or send them to a different email address.

Note: We recommend that at least one contributor stays subscribed to Order Notifications so you never miss a new order. If everyone unsubscribes, new orders will only be visible in the Orders panel. For tips on this, see below.

Before you begin

Every contributor in your store can unsubscribe from their own notifications. Ensure you're logged in as the correct contributor to follow these steps.


  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Permissions.

  1. Select your account.

Note: You can also access your profile by clicking your avatar in the Home Menu. For more information, visit Editing contributor profiles.
  1. Click the Subscriptions tab. Scroll down to Store Subscriptions. Switch the toggle to off to disable order notifications for that store.

Next step: Add another email address

We recommend receiving order notifications at a minimum of one email address to avoid missing important order information. If no email addresses receive notifications, you'll need to manually check the Orders panel to see new orders.

To receive order notifications at a different email address, add that email as a Store Manager or Admin Contributor.

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Unsubscribing from Commerce email notifications