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Customer Notifications settings

Use Customer Notification settings to edit your from and reply-to email addresses and adjust stock notification updates. Ensuring that your notification emails are sent from the correct address helps you stay in communication with your customers.

Step 1 - Go to Customer Notifications

In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Customer Notifications.


Step 2 - Edit Email Settings

In the Customer Notifications panel, you can set default email addresses and stock level alerts.

Customer Support Email: Reply-To

This is the email address that will receive customer replies to notification emails.

Note: We strongly recommend changing this email to your own. Otherwise, replies will be sent to, and you won't receive them.

Customer Support Email: From

This is the email address notification emails are sent from.

Note: We recommend leaving this as to prevent notification emails from being mistakenly marked as spam.

Automatic Stock Level Alert Email

An internal email will be sent when an item's stock reaches the quantity set by the slider. Customers won't receive this email.

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Customer Notifications settings