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Viewing an order's activity

After you've processed an order, you can review its activity and payment details in the Commerce panel.

For more information on how to receive an order, visit Receiving an order.

Step 1 - Open an order

Depending on your plan:

  • In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Orders.
  • In the Home Menu, click Orders.

You can also press the? key while any panel is open and search orders.

Hover over the Orders drop-down and click Fulfilled Orders or Cancelled Orders to view your processed orders. 

Click any order to open the Order Summary window. You can also search by the customer's order #email, or name in the search box. When searching by order number, exclude the #.

Tip: To see gift card usage, click View gift cards in the Orders panel. To learn more, visit Selling gift cards.

Step 2 - Click the Activity tab

In the Order Summary window, click the Activity tab.

The Activity tab shows the history of the order, including changes in payment status and fulfillment status.

Fulfillment statuses

  • Pending
  • Fulfilled
  • Cancelled

Payment statuses

  • Paid
  • Refunded

The name, date, and contributor who made each change are listed.

Step 3 - View charge (optional)

You can also view a detailed payment invoice in your Stripe or PayPal account. To do this, click an order to open the Order Summary window. Under the Order tab, click View in Stripe or View in PayPal.

Note: The View in Stripe or View in PayPal link is available for all Pending, Completed, and Cancelled orders.
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Viewing an order's activity